First day of Autumn Southern Hemisphere. ( Fall USA).

Woke early this overcast morning; trotted off to point Percy due to the cooler weather, on my return I gazed from our boudoir window  at the arrival of another downpour. "Weather god you can cease now we have had enough rain please take it out to the black stump they are parched little Aussies.".
According to the newspaper weather guru's the greatest rainfall in NSW was 66mm in Newcastle which is 60 kay's north up the coast and 40 Kay's down the coast is Gosford which. had 39mm,
The containers placed around the back garden here in Budgewoi stuck in the middle of this rainfall all clocked up between 86 to 89 mm.
As I crunch on my morning muesli I watch the water about ten feet wide gushing along the side of the road, not unlike Chalgrove brook   near Oxford on a Sunday Morning , reminding me of the time when that little village had a working Mill powered by the back brook, but on a Sunday water was released by a floodgate near Franklin's farm and that water increased the flow of the front brook which ran through the village and prevented children from tiddler fishing and other childlike water activities.during Sunday in any case one wore their Sunday best clothes to church or that other place of worship up chapel lane opposite the school run by miss Dobson and miss Quarrigton  with about forty children  aged 5-11. I recall the floods there in the thirties, fortunately not where I lived with my brother ( Christopher 25-12-24 to 3-1-2004.)  and foster mother Mrs P, At number  1 Monument Road although the fairly new house built in 1928 was comfortable there was no plumbing or power. A placard on the front of the house read "Chalgrove Field" and apart from my time in residence in Chalgrove the only important historical happening was in  1643 on Thursday 18th of June When the battle of Chalgrove Field took place, When the parliamentary forces under the command of Oliver Cromwell's elder cousin Colonel John Hampden was defeated by the forces of Prince Rupert a Royalist German mercenary (Wikki provides a good account of this)
However, recent trips to the U/K have revealed the brooks are in permanent Sunday Mode the mill is dry and a palatial residence,  the village has a larger school  more housing a larger graveyard and no one I remember living there. Yes it has power and plumbing too.

Memories on a wet morning....Back soon ...... Vest.


River said…
Autumn here in Adelaide too (surprise surprise!) but with warm temps and sunny skies necessitating the use of much sunscreen. And the next few days will be in the 30sC.
Your rain has been clouds and incontinent pigeon rain here (splat, splat and its gone). More would be more than welcome though thankfully the weather is also cooler.
Yay for autumn.
Davoh. said…

Um, up here in the hills .. heh .. yep ten days of "summer" (30C+or -).
Then, back t ye olde February rains. 106mm so far (thankfully softish drizzle).
Tanks are full, the grazing grass is sprouting.
AMY ...Swansea. said…
Does the body in your PIC belong to you?
Vest said…
River: We still have overcast skies; some sun poking through but forecast is for more rain, and the veggies are loving it.
Thank you for your comment.
Vest said…
Elephants Child: We too have a incontinent pigeon problem, problem is it is outside on the upper bathroom ledge, too high for me on a ladder, constant hosing the only cure.

Thank you for your comment.
Vest said…
Davoh: What sort of sprouting grass?
Thanks for your comment.
Vest said…
Doth'st thou mean now or whence?

The Pic is circa non recent.
Pic was taken on little Sober Island in Trincomalee Ceylon (Sri Lanka).

Thank you for your comment.
Lower deck lawyer. said…
Was in Trinco 1958 with RAN.Mike.
Jane, Stokes-Honour. said…
Love your blogs, hope you are all well and happy Love Jane.

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