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Save money, Eat less, lose weight, Save a life.

WHAT WE DO,ORPHANED & ABANDONED CHILDREN'S HOMES Each child represents a unique gift of life and possibility. They were born to run and play and explore and grow and learn. And to dream of what they will be "when they grow up." But for millions of orphaned and abandoned children in Africa, Latin America and Asia, even the dream of a better future is an unimagined luxury . . . Unless we have seen it with our own eyes, it is difficult for most of us to imagine the reality of small children living in a cardboard box, or under a bridge, or in a garbage dump. We don't want to imagine it. And yet this is a daily reality in many poor countries, particularly those whose adult populations have been decimated by war or HIV/AIDS. These children are desperately vulnerable to malnutrition and disease , and often fall prey to exploitation and abuse by unscrupulous adults. Children's Hunger Relief Fund seeks to rescue as many of these orphaned and abandoned children as possi

Busy Busy - Easter - Grand kids - Busy Blog - Rain - ANZAC DAY on Wednesday - Dinner party Thursday - Grand kids again on Friday.

Not a lot I can add to that - say's it all doesn't it. Except the main weekly shopping has to be done tomorrow plus the Grog shopping - in preparation for the expected rush of freeloaders calling in for a quick drink and then another. My regalia has been prepared for Anzac day - shoes need cleaning though. My immediate family in residence here -together with several old shipmates WW2 will be attending the celebrations at Swansea RSL Club, the three previous days will be spent in abstinence and most probably the three days following Anzac Day too. So I'll be back on the weekend coming, hopefully, see ya then , Vest.

More Guns (big ones) A Birthday for Elizabeth. Vest Remembers, North Korea April 21st, 1952.

Congrats Liz on your Birthday, hoorah hoorah and that sort of stuff. The Queen of Great Britain and a diminishing number of Commonwealth countries is 81 years old today, Slightly older than me, I was only two thirds processed when Her Majesty first saw the light of day. Now dont get me wrong when I say the Royals in the main are a bunch of pikers, largely brought about by her progeny, I do admire her steadfastness and her dignified approach in dealing with her role as the head of State, And it must be noted that it is She who through her Bureaucrats pay me more than half of my present income . I Remember the 'Pipe' "All hands clear the upper deck" "B Turret will fire at 1200" It was the 21st of April 1952 off the coast of Nth Korea, I was serving aboard the HMS CEYLON A British Royal Navy Cruiser of some 8,500 gross tons. 9x6"or 150mm, and 8x4"100mm GUNS. The flag signal at the yard arm read, "with the compliments of her majesty the Queen on h

The Mayor of Nagasaki - Shot twice in the back - Dies.

The Mayor of the Japanese city of Nagasaki died yesterday after allegedly being gunned down by a member of a yakuza gang. Itcho Ito, 61, seeking election for a fourth term in Sundays election, was shot at least twice in the back outside his campaign office late on Tuesday night, Police said. Tetsuya Shiro, 59 a senior member of a gang affiliated with Japans largest crime syndicate, the Yamaguchi-Gumi, was arrested by police. A revolver he had with him was confiscated. Without going into the gory details, and political issues concerning this cowardly shooting, it seems to be very clear to me that killing is made so much easier if you have a gun; apposed to other means which require more time and effort - meaning - slow to carry out and giving the selected victims opportunity to disperse - away from danger. Solo killings with Knives and blunt weapons usually occur when people are asleep, or when awake two or more persons in company find safety in numbers, but not so with a automatic gun.

Ratbag Yankee Gun Slinger Bad Mouths the Australian Prime Minister

The Zombieslayer, CA USA Say's. NO MONEY for John Howard , I'm not going to preach about gun rights, now's not the time. My deepest condolences go out to the families of the victims of the Virginia Tech massacre. Today, we fly the flag at half-mast in mourning. Last year, Mrs. Z, me, and some friends decided to take a vacation in Australia. Today, we all reconsidered. John Howard and the rest of those scumbag commies won’t get a penny of my money. Instead, it’s going to Turkey. My friend and her hubby just got back from a sick vacation in Turkey. They had a blast. The way she described it, it seemed like paradise. Sunny days. Topless beaches on the Mediterranean. Partying all night at the disco. Cheap food and drinks. Fun people. And they like Americans. John Howard, the Prime Minister of Australia, used this tragedy to decry American civil liberties. Shitheads like that get a boner when tragedies like this happen. They love it. They live for it. They’re sick people, worse


This will probably be the umpteenth time I have registered my Anti Gun Opinion, both here and in the USA. There is little time to debate the why's and wherefore's, but the majority of people in the USA, Australia, and Europe would like to have more stringent tightening of the gun laws. The tragic news from the USA today bears witness, over sixty people either killed or injured . by a raving gun owning loony. My anti gun opinion was given plenty of stick by the gun loving bloggers in the USA, a few months ago, some of those who were former friends were now vitriolic in their opinion of me, regardless of the subject matter. Yesterday I posted possibly my last comments to those people concerned. One person who had recently joined that group had been giving me plenty of stick relating to other matters, this person was being hailed the Almighty but was unaware of the reason for me being bagged in the first place, This is where he has come unstuck. This is a copy of his post dated Ap

Deep Fried KENTUCKY RAT, The latest gastronomical craze sweeping New York.

Most people are aware that the accelerating spending vices of the U S Govt On armaments, and their unauthorised sacking and plundering of the assets of weaker nations plus the increasing Hatred towards the American peoples elected govt will eventually reduce the nation to a standard of living less than the people in under privileged areas of Africa. Not going as far as eating their own droppings, but having their fried Chook served up with a generous shake of salt and rat turds (black rice) Eateries are being shut down in New York and other Major cities. NEW YORK: Health inspectors are on a anti rat rampage, issuing violations and closing down city eateries as a rodent scandal continues to plague the apple of the eye in Uncle Sam Land and other rat infested cities in most other states in the land of the free and easy. The original Soupman in Manhattan - part of the chain made famous in the Soup Nazi episode of the Seinfeld television series - is one of the restaurants to be caught up i

LOSE WEIGHT. Trim Your own FAT by Spending less on your bloated body. Contribute to a HUMANITARIAN CAUSE

SPECIAL FEATURE CHILD SOLDIERS One of the World's Most Neglected Humanitarian Crises What if a band of armed gangsters forced their way into your house, beat and bound you, and then dragged your screaming children off with them? What if they taught your 8 year-old son how to maim and kill people and traumatized him to the point where he didn't know how to do anything else - to the point where he would even kill his own family members? What if they gang-raped your 10-year old daughter and then forced her to serve them as a sex slave? We don't even want to think about this kind of evil. We don't want to believe in its reality. We want to look away and read something else. It's a very human reaction. And yet, while the world has been looking away: More than 30,000 Ugandan children have been forcibly abducted from their homes and subjected to these unspeakable atrocities and worse. Another 1.7 million people have been displaced from their homes and are now crowded into

British Hacker facing extradition to the USA. Slack arsed US Govt Security has allowed this to happen.

British Hacker facing extradition to US April 4, 2007 - 2:20AM A British computer hacker accused of committing one of the largest ever cyber-attacks on the U.S. government lost a High Court challenge Tuesday to avoid extradition to the United States. Gary McKinnon - an 41-year-old ex-computer systems administrator known online as "Solo" - had challenged a decision by Home Secretary John Reid to send him to the United States to face trial for illegally accessing military and NASA computer systems. Free Gary McKinnon Remember that the House of Lords does not automatically have to decide to hear such an appeal - they refused to do so in the case of the NatWest 3 bankers , David Bermingham, Giles Darby and Gary Mulgrew but have done so in the case of Ian Norris , the retired chairman of Morgan Crucible. Vest Say's. The House of Lords is the archaic upp

"Waving Goodbye To A Thousand Flies". Trafford publishing.

Make sure your book is represented at the publishing event of the season! ISBN 1-4120-3384-5 Dear John Leonard Spencer AKA L J B ...vest[dailygaggle] Publishing a book is a satisfying experience that can be financially rewarding, but this requires you to assume a lot of responsibilities traditionally managed by a trade publisher. In today’s competitive market, simply publishing a book and hoping for the best is not enough. No one can purchase a book if they don't know it exists. Trafford's unique blend of promotional services is designed to help you create a dynamic and engaging platform to market your book. In the February issue of the Trafford Times, we introduced our newly expanded Co-operative Advertising Program—an affordable and convenient opportunity to promote your title in well-known publications such as the New York Times, ForeWord, and Utne by combining resources with other authors (for more information, please visit our Publication and Beyond page.) With the approa


There is something about Australia Amos Lee digs. "I love America, its great, but there seems to be this constant edginess around at all times that doesn't exist here in Australia, and I like that," Lee, from Philadelphia, Said. "If Australia were five hours closer I would live here." The comments came just four days after the singer/ songwriter touched down for his first Australian tour, Which kicked off with a packed gig at The Basement in Sydney last week. The intimate venue costing more than a Blue collar daily salary included a main meal and was well suited to his brand of folk, soul and jazz. His whirlwind east coast tour follows the release of second album, Supply and demand, on Blue Note Records. My local club, the HALEKULANI B.C, only two minutes from home, Has much to offer. All entertainment is free to members and their approved guests, except for the Midday Wednesday cabaret min charge of $ 8.50 for show free drink of your choice plus two course mea

The United States of Unclesamland drag the chain when dealing with Health And poverty.

Countries Like Norway and Sweden are the leaders when it comes to combating International Hunger and Poverty, by each contributing approximately 8% of the gross total of the worlds contributions, France and Britain score about 4.5 % & 4.8 %, Australia aprox 3.4% and the USA The land of the over fed, contribute a stingy 2.2%, mind you the USA with their overseas military population reducing excursions into undeveloped and under fed third world countries, reduce the need to succour the needy. About 25,000 people die every day of hunger or hunger-related causes, according to the United Nations. This is one person every three and a half seconds, Unfortunately, it is children who die most often. Yet there is plenty of food in the world for everyone. The problem is that hungry people are trapped in severe poverty. They lack the money to buy enough food to nourish themselves. Being constantly malnourished, they become weaker and often sick. This makes them increasingly less able to work,

"E BA GUM" MUGABE Is chosen again

Zimbabwe's veteran leader super nong head Bobby Mugabe has totally stuffed up this former democratic self governing Commonwealth Country Where inflation has Soared to be the highest in the world at a whopping 1,730 per cent, and unemployment at 85 per cent, I am firmly of the opinion that only civil disorder and mass killing of people in opposition to his evil regime will become the result of this block headed morons failures. He was widely condemned by western leaders for the arrest and assault recently of senior members of the main opposition, Mugabe's ego was clearly boosted by the failure of his peers to openly criticise him at the summit meeting, then Mugabe stated we got full backing, not even one(Community leader) criticised our actions, mind you that's hardly surprising, the threat of being shot on the spot, can be quite intimidating. HARARE the capital of Mugabeland is where recently over a 100 white teenagers were arrested at a disco by Machine Gun wielding parami


NEWS in spoof from the dunny-bog front. Sticksville Minnesota, in Uncle Samland, two dear friends of mine have gone from rags to riches. These two robust blubber queens have finally found their calling while pondering their fate when seemingly double parked on their own dunny, with over lapping butt flesh over the sides of the toilet seat creating circulation problems and being unable to rise from the seat without assistance. This painful phenomenon has given rise to larger bog seats being made for obese people. Kate and tweety's designs, have taken off in the the land of the free, and the canucks in the north are said to enjoy the new resonating sounds from the stainless steel variety. Only two seat sizes are being marketed at present, Size A and B for bigger, tweety and kate have a copyright on these comfortable designs which are called 'Butt spreaders' which can be bolted down to fit a normal size toilet bowl despite its width and stabilising bum pers. Finding the spot f

THE STUMP CLUB. The Children's Club based on courage.

IT'S a Club no child would ever dream of joining, but after two years it has proved a life saver for its members. Children who have suffered meningococcal disease decided the president of their 'Stump Club' should be the one with the most stumps. Having lost five fingers and eight toes to the potentially deadly disease, 13 year - old Kimberley Sulli was a shoo - in. She contracted meningococcal disease when she was six, and each year brings new challenges as she grows older and taller. Kimberley now needs surgery on her Right leg , which has stopped growing because of the disease. The Stump Club was formed two years ago at an Australian day celebration, during which the Stephan Sanig Foundation, set up to fight meningococcal disease, was recognised for its community service. Sue - Anne Sanig, who started the foundation after her son Stephan died from the disease, said: " I find Kimberley an absolute inspiration." Last week's Kids for life charity ball raised

Vest Remembers, Easter Sunday April fools day, And the Invasion of Okinawa 1945

"Lest we forget", probably the worst continuous period of Air Land and Sea conflict ever. 'Operation Iceberg'. Find it on Google.