More Guns (big ones) A Birthday for Elizabeth. Vest Remembers, North Korea April 21st, 1952.

Congrats Liz on your Birthday, hoorah hoorah and that sort of stuff. The Queen of Great Britain and a diminishing number of Commonwealth countries is 81 years old today, Slightly older than me, I was only two thirds processed when Her Majesty first saw the light of day. Now dont get me wrong when I say the Royals in the main are a bunch of pikers, largely brought about by her progeny, I do admire her steadfastness and her dignified approach in dealing with her role as the head of State, And it must be noted that it is She who through her Bureaucrats pay me more than half of my present income .

I Remember the 'Pipe' "All hands clear the upper deck" "B Turret will fire at 1200"
It was the 21st of April 1952 off the coast of Nth Korea, I was serving aboard the HMS CEYLON A British Royal Navy Cruiser of some 8,500 gross tons. 9x6"or 150mm, and 8x4"100mm GUNS.
The flag signal at the yard arm read, "with the compliments of her majesty the Queen on her 26th birthday"
A twenty-one Gun Royal salute of 1cwt or 50 kilo high explosive shells were unleashed at the Nth Korean military targets on the coast, creating mayhem and destruction. on behalf of the United Nations, in support of South Korea.
But on the other hand or foot if you prefer, the cost of this frivolity in all probability created death and destruction to countless people, but this was a war thingy and not often did we have cause for hilarity despite the misery we created for the enemy. OK , Alright I'm sorry Mr Gook.
Smack!! take that you pommie git.


Anonymous said…
Vest said…
Anon: Military personnel are paid assassins, likewise the enemy.
Another reason I have an aversion to guns is these things are often fired back at you and the situation can become nauseous standing in a pool of your mates blood and his and others body parts have to be Identified when the action ceases.
Excerpt from a 18 year old seasoned wartime sailor's diary.

In my precarious, unenviable action station on the air defence position, I could see Kamikazes galore.
On many Occasions the brown trousers seemed imminent, but I was convinced I was far too young to die; there were far too many more exciting things to achieve before that happened.

Becoming a survivor may give you that lucky feeling.

Actually that young sailor was awarded the American( would you believe it) Asiatic-Pacific Campaign, Medal. Among other awards of course, Yep that guy must be pretty old by now.
Anonymous said…
In many states in the US, citizens have to hunt if they want to eat. What are they to do if guns are outlawed? How do you simultaneously solve the gun problems and the poverty? Tell them to give up their homes and move to a location where the job market is better? Then what do you do when these places are so overloaded with workers that there are no jobs in their new homes, either? Should they go back to hunting with bows and arrows?
Vest said…
Angela: Gun Control does not mean the total abolition of guns, and such would be impractical in any case.
Creating world wide legislation for controlling the use of guns within the civil populations, Mainly the licencing of responsible persons who have a genuine recourse for their usage, therefore meaning the exemption of persons who are likely to use them for an illegal purpose other that for which they are licenced.
Angela, I do see a few problems in the licencing of people who have a genuine need, like in the situation you have described in your comment, I feel that it would be allowed by local authorities to permit such persons, provided the local authorities took total responsibility for any untoward usage of the permits issued.
Going back to bows and arrows, I don't think that would be necessary.

Actually my forebears made Bows, like Fletcher's and arrow smiths made the projectiles.
Thank you for calling.

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