There is something about Australia Amos Lee digs.
"I love America, its great, but there seems to be this constant edginess around at all times that doesn't exist here in Australia, and I like that," Lee, from Philadelphia, Said.
"If Australia were five hours closer I would live here."
The comments came just four days after the singer/ songwriter touched down for his first Australian tour, Which kicked off with a packed gig at The Basement in Sydney last week.
The intimate venue costing more than a Blue collar daily salary included a main meal and was well suited to his brand of folk, soul and jazz.
His whirlwind east coast tour follows the release of second album, Supply and demand, on Blue Note Records.

My local club, the HALEKULANI B.C, only two minutes from home, Has much to offer.
All entertainment is free to members and their approved guests, except for the Midday Wednesday cabaret min charge of $ 8.50 for show free drink of your choice plus two course meal.
Here is the winner. For example if I pay $10.20 for a round of drinks at the Halekulani club, and the next best charge of $12.80 is at the Budgewoi Soccer Club and other clubs charging even more for the same round of drinks and offering piss poor entertainment to boot, you would have to have oodles of cash to ignore the superb qualities of the Hally, where I must be saving about two grand a year.
My local club is non sectarian, although its members respect each others followings, you do have the choice of going or not wishing to go to the club at times like 'Good Friday and Christmas '.
However, I'll be popping over there tonight . Prayers, incense and vestments are not for me.

My computer will be down tonight for a general clean out and re-install job.
Vest daily gaggle.


Anonymous said…
Good Morning Navy Vest

And thank you for the Easter greeting

It was very nice, May I reciprocate and wish you all a Happy and Safe Easter

Thinking of you.
Have a great day today,
Looking forward to seeing you again soon.

Andrew Burt


And here's one for you as emphasized by Warren Buffet about the non productive aspect of gold (in a conference he gave in 1998 at Harvard.)

"It gets dug out of the ground in Africa, or someplace. Then we melt it down, dig another hole, bury it again and
pay people to stand around guarding it. It has no utility. Anyone watching from Mars would be scratching their head."
Vest said…
Thanks Andrew for the acknowledgement and info.

Aggie; Thank you for your E mail acknowledgement.

Christine; Thank you for your E mail acknowledgement.
Anonymous said…
Another reply to Nth America.

Tshsmom,It is shameful to have my G/children looking at outrageous filth sent to my husbands blog by yourself, there can be no excuse for your disgusting behaviour. ROSEMARY.
Vest said…
Another reply to The Nth American sicko's, which was also used on tshsmom's blog, (probably deleted by now) Vest said...
tshsmom: Back to your silly tricks again are you?
your 6 x 50 line; filthy inane comments were picked up by my ten year old granddaughter while I was at breakfast. If you wish to insult me as I believe You and your silly friends have a propensity to do, would you kindly do it in a civilised manner.
Its such a shame the British had To leave their north American Colonies, in the charge of Blowhard Drunken uneducated so called founding fathers, look at yourselves and what you will see are a mob of {Shooting; rape pillage and burn sub humans]
Try to make someones day happy for once.
Give generously to your favorite childrens charity.
Have a happy day yourself. Vest.

4/09/2007 8:06 PM
Kirk Davis said…
Dear Vest -

This is one "north American" that loves Australia, and is neither a rapist, pillager, nor a "sub human"...

I think it's not particularly becoming to so crudely lump all of us together, any more than I would lump all Aussies together. Personally, I really like Australia - I spent nine weeks there last year, from Sydney up to Brisbane (unfortunately, most of that was for work).

I'm saddened to see that some Australians, like some of my fellow countrymen in the States, are a bit prejudiced and uncouth.
Kirk Davis said…
Dear Vest -

Speaking as a north American who is neither a rapist nor a pillager (and not a "sub human" for that matter), and as someone who quite likes Australia, I find it disheartening to see that Australia too has it's share of prejudice...

I spent nine weeks (mostly for work, sadly) in Australia last year, and traveled from Sydney up to Brisbane (and a single days's work in Melbourne) and really loved the place.

It is, as you said, a shame that there are people in America that act like boors. Equally shameful is the attitude that lumps normal, sane nice people in with the "mob".
Vest said…
Kirk, you are the second absolutely perfect Nth American to post a comment here, how do you manage to survive among such a unruly mob, or do you have divine protection. Putting you all in one basket usually gets the goodies complaining, I remember a good ole boys American war time slogan, "Only a dead Jap Or German is a good one".
Have a lovely day.

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