"E BA GUM" MUGABE Is chosen again

Zimbabwe's veteran leader super nong head Bobby Mugabe has totally stuffed up this former democratic self governing Commonwealth Country Where inflation has Soared to be the highest in the world at a whopping 1,730 per cent, and unemployment at 85 per cent, I am firmly of the opinion that only civil disorder and mass killing of people in opposition to his evil regime will become the result of this block headed morons failures.
He was widely condemned by western leaders for the arrest and assault recently of senior members of the main opposition, Mugabe's ego was clearly boosted by the failure of his peers to openly criticise him at the summit meeting, then Mugabe stated we got full backing, not even one(Community leader) criticised our actions, mind you that's hardly surprising, the threat of being shot on the spot, can be quite intimidating.
HARARE the capital of Mugabeland is where recently over a 100 white teenagers were arrested at a disco by Machine Gun wielding paramilitary police, many were severely bashed.
The Govt is sending a message to every one who dares to oppose Mugabe's murderous regime.
An estimated 30,000 white people remain in Zimbabwe, down from the 270,000, when the country won independence in 1980.
Mugabe is a person who can tell you to go to hell in such a way that you would actually look forward to the trip.
We should consider ourselves to be extremely fortunate to have such saintlly leaders as Howard ,Bush and Blair, who are not exactly the Holy Trinity, but a safer bet than Gadaffi, Amin and Mugabe.

Vest, Daily Gaggle.

Having second thoughts. Maybe a very dead Idi Amin would be more suited to take control in the land of the free and chronically stupid.


Anonymous said…
I get that notion that most yanks wont have much idea where africa is let alone Idi Amin's Uganda
Anonymous said…
sounds like Mr Mugabe is from Yorkshire Eng, "E Ba Gum" being a typical yorky expression, presumably showing surprise.

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