Ratbag Yankee Gun Slinger Bad Mouths the Australian Prime Minister

The Zombieslayer, CA USA
NO MONEY for John Howard , I'm not going to preach about gun rights, now's not the time.
My deepest condolences go out to the families of the victims of the Virginia Tech massacre. Today, we fly the flag at half-mast in mourning.
Last year, Mrs. Z, me, and some friends decided to take a vacation in Australia. Today, we all reconsidered. John Howard and the rest of those scumbag commies won’t get a penny of my money. Instead, it’s going to Turkey.
My friend and her hubby just got back from a sick vacation in Turkey. They had a blast. The way she described it, it seemed like paradise. Sunny days. Topless beaches on the Mediterranean. Partying all night at the disco. Cheap food and drinks. Fun people. And they like Americans.
John Howard, the Prime Minister of Australia, used this tragedy to decry American civil liberties. Shitheads like that get a boner when tragedies like this happen. They love it. They live for it. They’re sick people, worse than ambulance chasing lawyers.
So once again, my deepest condolences go out to the friends and families of the victims of the Virginia Tech massacre.
Australia, you just lost some big spending tourists. Turkey, you just gained some.

Vest has copied this post from the "ZOMBIE SLAYER BLOG in CA USA
I have commented on his blog over the past two years and he makes no bones about his insatiable love for guns, seems like our prime miniature John 'Hillsong' HOWARD has him really pissed off.

Vest replied
vest said,
on April 18th, 2007 at 1:37 am
Hello Nth Americans, I hope you are as distressed about this incident as I am, and BTW Our prime Miniature is a shit head similar to G W Bush, only a right winger not a commie as suggested, OK. And did the rising Oz dollar put you off, or maybe the lavatory seats are larger in Turkey. Have a lovely trip.

A State-by-State Look at Gun laws in the US



Vest said…
You can access the zombieslayers blog by typing it in Google.
The Zombieslayer, or reply to him on this post.
Anonymous said…
Australians can be thankful that they do not have the same obsession with firearms as Americans.
The tragedy at the Virginia Tech university campus would not have readily happened if guns were not so readily available to just about anyone in the US.
Isn't it time for the Americans to amend the constitution giving ordinary citizens "the right to bear arms"? When that Constitution was written more than three centuries ago, Americans needed guns to protect themselves against the natives.
But nobody other than the police, security officers and the military needs to bear arms in the 21st century.
I hope the next US President has the courage to change the gun laws in that country.
Vest said…
Pam: Your name and comment ring a bell, I'm sure.???
Vest said…
United We Lay said, Zombieslayer

on April 18th, 2007 at 4:07 am

Seriously? 33 people die and you’re pissed off at Austrailia for suggesting that maybe we need to do something about our gun laws? His comments can’t be completely dismissed. We have a large gun culture in America, and though I’m not suggesting that we nullify the 4th ammendment, I think it’s worth taking a look at. It was just a little too easy for this guy to kill all of these people, and America the highest percentage of gun deaths out of all the industrialized nations in the world. That surely can’t be considered a good thing.

Laura said,

on April 18th, 2007 at 6:13 am

Dammit - this stupid question thing ticks me off. I lost my entire comment b/c I forgot to add 3+0.

Anyway I will try to recreate it. I agree with UWL - now is EXACTLY the time to start having these discussions. What will it take for our gun regulations to be fully enforced and for us to realize that there is NO logical reason for any person to have a semi-automatic weapon?

We also have to take a very close look at our culture. Why do we have the most gun deaths? I think it’s related to our rampant individualism personally. We value individual (Me! Me! Me!) above the welfare of the common good and community. We’re selfish consumerist assholes who can no longer properly empathize and relate to our fellow human beings. Violence breeds violence, sure, but so does detachment and isolation.

I also want to go to Turkey. Sounds fascinating.

Slade said,

on April 18th, 2007 at 6:37 am

hey there ZS! Sorry I haven’t posted in a while…been so tired making this baby! It takes everything out of me! Even though I’m a liberal, I’ve been wondering how a person from another country here on a Visa is allowed to purchase a gun…especially without having to go through some sort of training. And shouldn’t they have to take a class or something about American gun laws…you know, how to conduct yourself as an American gun owner….because the rules are so different from country to country. I just don’t know how he was able to purchase a gun.

vest said,

on April 18th, 2007 at 6:41 am

Tweety, you are becoming to sound like the school sneak, people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones

vest said,

on April 18th, 2007 at 7:02 am

Been there done that about half doz times with RN, on those ships with guns (shush) 1947, 1956, 1962, 1964. Istanbul and Iskanderan. 1986 Ankara. Have been Holidaying and working in Australia Since 1971. Now in bone idle wealthy retirement.

Laura said,

on April 18th, 2007 at 7:29 am

Slade: Actually the shooter wasn’t on a visa. He was a Legal Permanent Resident (green card holder) who has lived here over 15 years. Permanent Residents are afforded almost all the legal rights (except voting rights) as citizens, and therefore he wouldn’t be flagged.

Laura said,

on April 18th, 2007 at 7:36 am

He **should** have been flagged, however, for having a history of mental health issues…
Vest said…
So there you have it. The previous comments were extracted from the Zombieslayer blogsite in the US.
Obviously the gun loving Zombieslayer's petulant outburst has not rallied support for the neo fascist type gun lover and his followers. Anyhow I have had enough of this poor demented fellow, he can stuff his ball; I'm taking my bat home.
Anonymous said…
Dear demented Zombieslayer. I am pleased you are going to Turkey. Among all the other nice things to do in Turkey, you can get Life for drug possession, frequently mugged, catch all manner of tummy problems, and your little willie could catch carnal catarrh.
But I doubt it would worth your trouble coming to Australia, we put animals of your ilk into quarantine. :( ddyb.
Keshi said…
Gun laws need to be toughened in the US. This tragedy should never have happened!

Anonymous said…
Hi vesty-been busy - wedding and all that goes with it- one obstacle will be missing-- the mother in law, she passed away recently, sad isn't it!!

I remember that zombie slayer geezer,yea his gun loving antics havent helped his image in blog land,
email coming for you soon, ok.
Vest said…
Copied from the latest Zombieslayer post, the opening paragraph reads:

Ξ April 18th, 2007 | → 0 Comments | ∇ Reviews |

I’m so sick of the whole gun debate that I don’t even want to get into it. It’s like abortion in the 90s or the Vietnam War in the 70s. Everyone just gets hysterical and nothing good comes from it.[END]
Vest Say's, reading Z Ss posts and, and the resultant comments, only one person has waxed hysterical{done his nut] and that person it is only fair to say is himself, Hey ZOM, Mr foot in mouth. lost your tongue have you.
Vest said…
This comment was posted on the Zombieslayer blogsite. Hey Zombieslayer; I think you should eat humble pie and come to Oz, Somehow it seems going to Turkey for a great time is not a great idea. Wait- hang on a sec listen to this exciting news for tourists.
ANKARA TURKEY: Assailants Slit The Throats of three people, one of them a German, at a Turkish publishing house that had been threatened for distributing Bible's and printing books on Christianity. Recently a tourist displaying his bible went the same way and so did An Armenian journalist and a catholic priest. Also recently a White US Cit- Or believed to be, was mugged and robbed while cavorting in one of the numerous bordello's, Yeah Mate sounds like bad karma to me.
Vest said…
This comment was placed on the tshsmom-blogsite today in an effort to clear up a heap of misunderstanding, those persons who still support this whacko; I have no quarrel with, provided that the abusive filth ceases.

TSHSMOM: Like most whining and whingeing nth Ams you are good at dishing out hate and dissension, but are gutless when someone fights back, you tshsmom were the instigator and the first to blab your unfounded lies in order to raise support against my anti gun statements.
Your constant lying to cover up your previous lies accelerated to the point where you had no option but to tell one big whopper while asking for support from other whacko's similar to your self. then close to follow was your obscene foul mouthing, soon after the sympathy angle and now your pseudo evangelical mutterings-hardly a person to convince others with your Fag and Pot smoking fogged up mind even made worse by your drunken hatred of those who dare appose your misguided imagination. and as I have said previously, I am an honourable person and it only requires a public apology from you and it will clear the matter up, in the meanwhile stop sending filthy and hateful garbage to my blog site.
Anonymous said…
Zombieslayer,you have a a silly childish way of thinking please grow up, People do not wish to live in your arrogant American style merry go round bullypower induced existence, we should all seek to induce calm among our neighbors and help them not kill them, your latent penchant for killing puts you in the same category as Attila & Hitler, I suggest that as you are without hope you should jump off of a very tall building.

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