Vest Remembers, Easter Sunday April fools day, And the Invasion of Okinawa 1945

"Lest we forget", probably the worst continuous period of Air Land and Sea conflict ever.
'Operation Iceberg'. Find it on Google.


Anonymous said…
laying in the sun fighting over deck chairs
Vest said…
anonymous: So we have been sprung, oh dear, I should have mentioned t/bone steaks, beer and ice cream for the 17 year old children in our crew, oh and the sunrise to dusk Cabaret by the Japanese air force Aeriel acrobatic team whose strange antics had us in stitches, such great fun, those were the days.
Anonymous said…
can't type,can hardly see, my grand daughter's typing this for me.
Pops say's ten percent of his destroyers crew the HMS Wrangler
were 17 year old kids and the crew average age about 19 years old, silly old bugger laffed his head off at your reply to anonymous, Good dry British humour Mr Vest
He wants to know "why the yankee uniform on your pic?"
Vest said…
chiefy 86: I Note you served on Wrangler, also with the Whirlwind and Whelp I remember your destroyer as escorting the KGV. If you are easy to reach I can visit you. email me please.

My pic was taken from a painting by a renowned Australian artist named Heather Bitz, originally I was disappointed, it was her faux pas, wrong uniform, but as most septics tanks would have little idea about the Brit uniform, it was decided to leave it, as most sales of the book it was used on as a cover; were sold in the US and Canada anyway. Any Royalties from sales are given to charity. A boost in sales often occurs when people inadvertently use the publication in a derogatory manner in an attempt to create an affront.
Actually, an extra surge in sales is imminent, due to the lamentable actions of a few North American oddities in the blogging world.
Have a lovely day, Vest
Anonymous said…
As an ex bunting tosser 54 to 76 I listened to many tales by my superiors, relating to that era, but being entertained by kamikases was'nt one of them. liked the reply to anon, good stuf mate. Mike.

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