Busy Busy - Easter - Grand kids - Busy Blog - Rain - ANZAC DAY on Wednesday - Dinner party Thursday - Grand kids again on Friday.

Not a lot I can add to that - say's it all doesn't it. Except the main weekly shopping has to be done tomorrow plus the Grog shopping - in preparation for the expected rush of freeloaders calling in for a quick drink and then another. My regalia has been prepared for Anzac day - shoes need cleaning though. My immediate family in residence here -together with several old shipmates WW2 will be attending the celebrations at Swansea RSL Club, the three previous days will be spent in abstinence and most probably the three days following Anzac Day too.
So I'll be back on the weekend coming, hopefully, see ya then , Vest.


Vest said…
The whole of Australia is in drought conditions and short of water. Wait- looking from our B/R window - the street is flooded and the rain is teaming down - are we the lucky country again? lets hope so. Problem is do we take the car or the boat for today's shopping expedition ?
Anonymous said…
when do i see u Vest
i long to shake your hand and read your book

but i dont have credit card
diary of a G said…
@ thanks for checkin out my blog am looking around yours, your profile is deep. i'll be back
Vest said…
Anon, or should I say Jim or Saby, would you need it translated into Hindi?
Keshi said…
Lest We Forget.

Have a great ANZAC day mate :)
Anonymous said…
And its still tiddling down vestie,I think its too deep for your car an not deep enough for your boat, i'm taking a sickie an staying home for cuddles. see you fri maybe. xxx.
Jim said…
when will u be coming to GOA u sonovabitch

if i dont see u before i die
i will haunt u
Keshi said…
so how were the diggers at the RSL? Im sure u had a great time.

Vest said…
Keshi: Yes absolutely. It means a lot to us.

Last night on 'Foxtel' during the latest world news repeats, a lady news reader stated.

Crowds of people attended the Anzac day remembrance ceremonies at Gallipoli, where in 1915 thousands of Australian and New zealanders died 'DEFENDING' their country.

The major cock up of foxtel went on for hours.
Vest said…
Foxtel television news report at 7 am was corrected after about 30 Min's; after informing their viewers, that, in Turkey, an eight storey building had collapsed in the nations Capital-*Istanbul.
Try *Ankara - Mr Foxtel presenter.

Another recent Foxtel cock up was when it was announced that Karachi was the capital of Pakistan, instead of Islamabad.

Vest say's, school children should not view the Foxtel news reports.
Keshi said…
haha Vest! lets call it FUCKSTEL?

Vest said…
Keshi: Fuxtel would read better, while in keeping with the same interpretation.

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