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Shop at Aldi but use a Woolies eggs aint eggs.

    I am fast becoming a keen shopper and I am able to spot a bargain in the food departments of major retailers without sacrificing quality.      I do most of my shopping at Aldi, There are some items that even Aldi does not offer or due to sales promo's at other outlets which sometimes reap a saving.      Reading my Sydney Daily Telegraph today The Telegraph stated that there were egg shortages around the Sydney suburbs in all categories, maybe the the reporter  means the silver tail areas only,as I see it there is no shortage at Aldi where yesterday at Lake haven the egg boxes were stacked high; but mainly cage eggs. To me eggs are eggs,, people who are those who can afford to be conned, think differently.      Recently I decided not to use an Aldi shopping trolley and I am not alone, the reason being  the handles on Aldi shopping trolleys leave much to be desired in the way of cleanliness and it would seem the opposing outlets find time to clean their trolley handles, despit

A great weekend with glitches.

     Our weekend started off ok until we reached the train station at Wyong. We had not travelled trainwise for umpteen years; our prepaid Opal train and bus card was fully subscribed, however, Rosemary's card defied the system so the clerk at the station entrance told us to climb 25 steps from platform one over the concourse and descend on the other side of the line to platform 2; then pay at the station shop, then return to plaform one tap on the tickets to whence we arrived at, and having done this return again to platform 2 ,where we missed the #@%*(%@y train and waited another half hour for the next train. on our arrival at strathfield station our connection for Richmond was at a different platform (another scurry), eventually we were met by our son and family and spent a refreshing and pleasant weekend on their acreage with horses ducks dog and sheep etc, Where I rode around on the R/o Mower to save my wobbly legs..'      Our return home started at 9/15 Sunday , we caug

Will be back on sunday

     Today, Rosemary and I will be popping off down the coast to Nth Richmond and will be returning to our idyllic Central coast home on the pacific this Sunday.     Also today, the The Queen  of Great Britain and her dominions becomes Ninety Years of age, I am trailing her by 86 days. Back soon.. Vest.

You may cease wondering If I have retired .

     Contrary to popular belief, I am still alive and mobile however, for me to write a post has become a privilege of sorts; meaning to have respite from what is expected of me in terms of dealing with the the available time allotted to me beyond the compulsory chores of the day has become minimal unless something expected of me is sacrificed for a personal few moments of personal pleasure.      My wife Rosemary  the mother of our five sons, three of whom we rarely see due to distance, is suffering from  dementia. and incapable of satisfactorily completing most tasks given to her. Rosemary's has a limited memory time frame of approx ten seconds and twice in the past six months I have lost her in the huge shopping centre after having told her to wait outside of the toilets for me and I believe it is on four occasions that she has gone walkabout from the house without me knowing, which involved the the local wooden tops and kindly neighbours on a search and recovery performance..