A great weekend with glitches.

     Our weekend started off ok until we reached the train station at Wyong. We had not travelled trainwise for umpteen years; our prepaid Opal train and bus card was fully subscribed, however, Rosemary's card defied the system so the clerk at the station entrance told us to climb 25 steps from platform one over the concourse and descend on the other side of the line to platform 2; then pay at the station shop, then return to plaform one tap on the tickets to whence we arrived at, and having done this return again to platform 2 ,where we missed the #@%*(%@y train and waited another half hour for the next train. on our arrival at strathfield station our connection for Richmond was at a different platform (another scurry), eventually we were met by our son and family and spent a refreshing and pleasant weekend on their acreage with horses ducks dog and sheep etc, Where I rode around on the R/o Mower to save my wobbly legs..'

     Our return home started at 9/15 Sunday , we caught the connection at 1158 at Strathfield; and we were half an hour away from our destination when there was a mishap on the line further on near Hawkesbury river and the train stopped for twenty minutes and travelled slowly to Gosford three stops from Wyong and we had to wait 45 minutes for the next train. we eventually arrived one hour +25 minutes passed the Scheduled time.

     This morning arrived when we woke at 8-30 am and decided to stay in bed as it was much more pleasant on a chilly morning than going to the club on ANZAC day I hope the boozy day went well without us, it is not my scenario any more- too old now for that ceremonial stuff and getting stoned, However I hope the day went well. I did get my Black Blazer  with gold buttons and nine gongs out of the wardrobe and pondered awhile; then said to myself "Maybe next time and carefully zipped them back in their cover. I suppose it would be nice to have another opportunity providing the weather is nice next year.

 Back soon ....Vest


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