Shop at Aldi but use a Woolies eggs aint eggs.

    I am fast becoming a keen shopper and I am able to spot a bargain in the food departments of major retailers without sacrificing quality.
     I do most of my shopping at Aldi, There are some items that even Aldi does not offer or due to sales promo's at other outlets which sometimes reap a saving.
     Reading my Sydney Daily Telegraph today The Telegraph stated that there were egg shortages around the Sydney suburbs in all categories, maybe the the reporter  means the silver tail areas only,as I see it there is no shortage at Aldi where yesterday at Lake haven the egg boxes were stacked high; but mainly cage eggs. To me eggs are eggs,, people who are those who can afford to be conned, think differently.
     Recently I decided not to use an Aldi shopping trolley and I am not alone, the reason being  the handles on Aldi shopping trolleys leave much to be desired in the way of cleanliness and it would seem the opposing outlets find time to clean their trolley handles, despite this they still have yet to follow Aldi's multi tasking and sitting down at the checkout and making shoppers pack their own groceries using their own bags.

The sun is shining here on the Central Pacific coast of Oz., a pleasant Autumn day - I hope your day will be pleasant too.

Vest daily soon.


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