You may cease wondering If I have retired .

     Contrary to popular belief, I am still alive and mobile however, for me to write a post has become a privilege of sorts; meaning to have respite from what is expected of me in terms of dealing with the the available time allotted to me beyond the compulsory chores of the day has become minimal unless something expected of me is sacrificed for a personal few moments of personal pleasure.
     My wife Rosemary  the mother of our five sons, three of whom we rarely see due to distance, is suffering from  dementia. and incapable of satisfactorily completing most tasks given to her. Rosemary's has a limited memory time frame of approx ten seconds and twice in the past six months I have lost her in the huge shopping centre after having told her to wait outside of the toilets for me and I believe it is on four occasions that she has gone walkabout from the house without me knowing, which involved the the local wooden tops and kindly neighbours on a search and recovery performance..
     On  Mondays and Wednesdays from 9am to 3pm , Rosemary goes out for the day and is cared for by a local org who are paid a reasonable stipend to care for her. this in turn  allows me to do important chores around the house plus read the newspaper and get my head back to normal, other than the afore mentioned saga's my daily chores include getting breakfast, showering Rosemary doing lunch and dinner and other in between meals also bed making cleaning, gardening and the shopping.  Our son and sole heir to our vast fortunes Christopher, deals with the Internet mail and household bills plus Rosemary's medication and the family laundry also the welfare of our pets.
     The other thing which could prove a worry for Chris is the payment for a cleaner to do a F/Ntly clean of the whole house, this in turn would ease my back pain plus give me a slight increase in longevity but reduce his legacy long term .
       Oh just in case our extended family are unaware, Chris Rosemary are a involved in a family trust, and if you have not been informed of any benefit in the future to date you can be assured you will not be.
      Overseas relatives... The offer made for a trip to Australia with one leg of air fare free expired three weeks ago, and any plaintive cries of despair having missed this fiscal opportunity may possibly be given further advantage providing they meet the finely worded criteria or in plain language those who did not fully afford us comfort on our last escapade to the mother country, mainly due to the escapades of prodigal son upsetting more than one applecart, he in question asked me to send you a particular message which  I refused to send due to possible international repercussions and my pommy passport being revoked. However,  I shall not let a wet fart situation stuff up my former or present good relations whether acceptable or not. that is all for now .Love you all.

Vest daily back soon.

Think it more satisfactory to live richly than die rich.


Dementia is perhaps the cruelest of illnesses.
Look after yourself as best you can.
And yes, living richly is MUCH better.
Slsie Hanlin. said…
You get the gold star for caring and attentiveness.
Don't worry about us out here, we know you have a lot on your plate and will communicate when you can. Hugs to Rosemary and thanks to young Chris.

Vest said…
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Edward Jones. said…
Good Morning Les.
Nice to read your e mail. Sorry to hear of all the things that are happening in your life. Its hard looking after yourself so must be ten times worst to care for someone else. I am still in good health and do feel lucky that i can still do what i want without to many cares. Do get lonely at times but i like to think we had a hard start in life and that comes in handy with the pitfalls when we get old. I am a mere youngster compared to yourslf but am 82 and most people think that is very old. On another subject this being the 150 anniversary of Dr barnardos either starting the homes or being born they are holding a garden party at Buckingham Palace on the 12th May. They sent me a form to fill in and it went in a draw and i was drawn out. My lady friend is very pleased. camilla is hosting it so it should be a good day. The Barnardos people in Canada i talk to are invited and we have arranged to meet..
Look after yourself and Rosemary. Best wishes edward jones Sturdee 183 45 49
Rosemary & Joe Vella. said…
I am glad to hear you are coping very well under the circumstances. Are you in good health I hope so. Love to you, Rosemary & Chris. Regards Joe & Rosemary
Vest said…
Hello Edward , Nice to receive your email , sorry about not replying sooner have been busy physically and mentally with added visits to relatives and Rosemary's medical issues.. Apart from a gardener every four weeks I am now having a cleaner in every F/T night together with Rosemary's absence for five hours every Mon and Wed takes the pressure off.and am able to think clearly.
I hope all goes well with the Barnado do, Let me know how things go.... Just written a post on Garbage, as it is a dismal day here all wet and windy, hope you are enjoying your spring. Ta for now. Les.
Edward Jones. said…
Good afternoon LES.
Just to let you know how i got on at the reunion. It was quite obvious at the start it wasnt about you and me it was about the present day helpers. We have been airbrushed out of Barnardos history and there dodgy past. I spoke to a few of the Barnardos people, all had long lists of the great and the good. Also the people who are not on the internet knew nothing about it.
It has been a tremendous pleasure to see so many staff volunteers. young people and supporters of this great charity attend the Royal Garden Party to commemerate our 150 anniversary. no mention of us at all and that is how it goes on. Its all about raising money. If i was one of your countrymen and people who were sent to Canada and had flown all that way to read that i would be well and truly cheesed off.
Vest said…
Thank you Edward for your email. I recall Capt Campbell's Gr/son telling me how his Gr /ma detested his G/father and that his children disowned him, There many untoward happenings at Watts while I was there. The visit to the UK in 1986 with Tim then 19 was when he asked , "Why are most of the bodies in the graveyard under 12 years of age/ .." Simple I replied; only the strong survived the rigours of that school , Have a nice day.
Vest said…
Thank You E C and River for your comments.

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