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Some Grand parents have not lost sight of what children need.

It is not only the Authorities who have to provide answers but parents themselves who blatantly ignore the real needs of children. Grand parents should not be the solution when bringing up children, Grannies have done their job and need to relax take it easy before they pop off to eternity. So why are many modern parents ignoring their responsibilities and neglecting their children like never before. It is simply because of the Us and Me syndrome society where many children are not considered a prime factor within the family and are ignored. A bit of keeping up with the Jones's goes back ages but its now like keeping up with the Forsythe-Silvertail-Smythes. A comfortable house - home indeed yes but a huge mansion to accommodate more than is required in preference to the finance being spent on parental guidance and education and affection, no. Thirty something couples have been dragged into the status cult where bigger and better looking houses have become the new magnet for visual

An excerpt from 'Waving goodbye to a thousand flies". Re Bruce.

Everyone suddenly is interested in Bruce and his legendry activities. Re comments on previous post. Here goes: Bruce. Another good-looking, thirty-something lady who had employed us for many years was always eager to give me a compliment. During one visit, she asked me to go to the bathroom with her. She looked rather flushed at the time. I thought it might be a plumbing problem. She shut the door and started to undo my zipper. She said, “I know you like me. It’ll only take a few minutes.” I was quite unprepared for this, knowing my son was outside. “Not right now, for Pete’s sake!” I said, zipping up my strides. She kissed me and told me she was disappointed. Shortly afterwards, when the amorous wench was still feeling a bit put out by my rejection, she asked if I would get someone to do her windows on Saturday morning. I told her that on Saturday morning, her wish would come true. On Saturday morning, I sent around a much younger bloke to do the job. Bruce, whose knowledge of women w

A Crabby Old Man.

When an old man died in the geriatric ward of a nursing home in North Platte, Nebraska , it was believed that he had nothing left of any value. Later, when the nurses were going through his meager possessions, they found this poem. Its quality and content so impressed the staff that copies were made and distributed to every nurse in the hospital. One nurse took her copy to Missouri . The old man's sole bequest to posterity has since appeared in the Christmas edition of the News Magazine of the St. Louis Association for Mental Health. A slide presentation has also been made based on his simple, but eloquent, poem. And this little old man, with nothing left to give to the world, is now the author of this 'anonymous' poem winging across the Internet. Crabby Old Man What do you see nurses? . . . . . What do you see? What are you thinking . . . . . when you're looking at me? A crabby old man . . . . . not very wise, Uncertain of habit . . . . . with faraway eyes? Who dribble

Should a Woman cast aside tradition and Propose to the Man in her life.

TRADITION DICTATES THAT WOMEN CAN ASK MEN TO MARRY THEM ON FEBRUARY 29 IN A LEAP YEAR. A TRIUMPH FOR EQUALITY – OR A RECIPE FOR DISASTER? Amy say's: YES. When I was a little girl, I read Snow White and dreamed that one day I too would be kissed by a handsome prince and awake to a proposal of marriage and happily-ever-after. Then I grew up and got real. What if the prince had commitment problems or was saving up to buy a property? As a passive woman who left her destiny up to fate, poor Snow White would have suffocated in her glass coffin or had to shack up permanently with the seven dwarves. I don’t think there is anything desperate or emasculating about women proposing to men. I feel that if I ever meet Mr Right and want to pop the question, I’ll be able to hand him a ring box without him handing me his testicles. Then again, I’ve never been a girl who’s had the wedding dress picked out before the first-date appetisers arrive. Call me crazy, but I think that if I’m lucky enough to

Students too young and unskilled in English expected to learn Asian languages.

I Am firmly opposed to having any dialect of the Chinese People being taught to Primary Schoolchildren within Austalia. We are not part of China - nor do we have a common border with the Communist Chinese or the Nationalists on Taiwan (Formosa).I am aware that P M Kevin Rudd gets his rocks off speaking ying tong but the majority of people here in the land of OZ do not or cannot afford to trot off willy nilly at any given time,to visit Mao's Mausoleum and take in a feed fried dog fritters. The one thing we have in common with the Yellow Hordes is - we owe them billions of oz bucks, courtesy of our PM Kevin Rudd( With a name like that he would never get a job at 'Harland and Wolfe'. There are countless issues that need addressing but learning Chinese at an early age is not a priority and is absolutely ludicrous. English must be the main Primary subject, because in its self it is a complex language to learn which most Australians have not mastered. Carmel Tebutt the NSW Health

Dinner was a Strict Family Affair. Rusky version of Long Pig..

Sergey the carnivore not-unlike a Gater, gobbled his mater with veggies and taters. MOSCOW: A Russian cannibal who ate his mother was given a higher sentence by a judge who said: "He was starving, he needed to eat". Sergey Gavrilov, 27, was jailed for jusy 14 years after confessing; "I did not like the meat very much.It was too fatty. But I was just so hungry, I had to eat it.

Better is better than Worse

Thinking people of this planet make changes possible. Change; should and must bring betterment for all peoples. Stagnation, archaic beliefs, dusty rules and most tradition must be forfeited for the good of all. To desire and strive to be of some service to the world, to aim at doing something which will increase the happiness and welfare of all people(without drugs). This is a choice which is possible for us all, and today is a great day to start that voyage and the search for betterment. Although most of my voyages for betterment were not all successful, there were others who gave all in attempting to save others from future mismanagement. However, I live with the knowledge that I have done my best, and am prepared to do more for others when possible. As I have mentioned, it is a great day today, the sun is bright and I am hot, I have replaced the seeds and plants in the garden which had been murdered by the Cats from next door. I will admit I was more than just slightly miffed but re

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Continuing cockups by my local Federal Govt Member

THE previous year to this, The Fed Govt office of Jill Hall MP produced a calendar. It wasn't until I informed them two months prior to the calendar becoming effective that staffers in her office had noticed this error. However, It was never corrected or requested to be withdrawn. I some times wonder how this may have adversely effected the lives of a few of her less informed constituents. Jill Hall's Week commenced on a Monday Not on Sunday. Congratulations to Donald and Joan Metters. According to the Jill Hall M P Govt Glossy Reports, Donald and Joan Metters were (***Married in 1949 and are celebrating their 50Th Wedding Anniversary and are pictured with Jill Hall at the ceremony. They are listed together with 19 other 50 anniversaries,) also there were 11 60Th wedding anniversaries plus three 65s, and one 70. Five 90 and five 100 birthdays. *** note the cockup. It was their 60th Anniversary not 50th. I sometimes wonder Who first suggested why some land marks of our lives app

Clever Scam - Taking advantage of older Men.

Clever Scam - taking advantage of older men Women often receive warnings about protecting themselves at the mall and in dark parking lots, etc. This is the first warning I have seen for men. I wanted to pass it on in case you haven't heard about it. This will only become more commonplace here on the Gold Coast this summer. A 'heads up' for those men who may be regular Bunnings, or BCF customers. This one caught me by surprise. Over the last month I became a victim of a clever scam while out shopping. Simply going out to get supplies has turned out to be quite traumatic. Don't be naive enough to think it couldn't happen to you or your friends. Here's how the scam works: Two seriously good-looking 20-something girls come over to your car as you are packing your shopping into the trunk. They both start wiping your windshield with a rag and Windex, with their breasts almost falling out of their skimpy T-shirts. It is impossible not to look. When you thank them and

Egg Heads Fail Dismally. Also Phonetics her Weakest Link.

Yes, I am an avid watcher of these two Pommy quiz shows - but my main criticism goes to the way the red hairdo witch on the weakest link comes over as a presenter. Her rude inferences to the contestants do not make her my favourite person. The ingrained British way the contestants grovel to any personage of higher position or presumed importance irritates me. It seems the only questions that I provide an answer to are those whom I can guess her suggested prefixed letter such as P D E C, or N M and F and S just to name a few phonetic possibilities. However I would be totally useless on the show due to my complete misunderstanding of bang clang music from which the majority of questions are hatched. And, someone in charge should tell the Question Master that Haiti is not an Island but Dominica is. How mighty are the fallen. Recently shown in Strayer was the EGGHEADS falling on their sword four times on the trot. There was one occasion where it could have been avoided should they have kno

Australia the cradle of Civilisation

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Australia The Cradle Of Man According to our "traditional" history of stone-age occupation the Aboriginals were the "first Australians" having arrived here from south-east Asia at least 50,000 years ago. However, throughout a lifetimes research, I have gathered more than enough evidence that we still know nothing about our ancient past and the identity of the actual first inhabitants of our continent. Until 1960, very little archaeological work had been done. Scientists thought the Aboriginals had only lived in Australia for 10,000 years. Then finds at Kenniff Cave, in southern Queensland, produced evidence of Aboriginal occupation dating from as recently as 5,000 years ago back to 19,000 years. This placed the Aboriginal arrival into the last ice-age. In recent years archaeologists have made some amazing discoveries on the Blue Mountains west of Sydney. Rock shelter occupation sites at

Indias poor urged to 'Eat Rats'

India's poor urged to 'eat rat' I have no problem with the proposal that the poor of India should eat rats. The problem is the numbers of people to which this pertains. Insects are another untapped, highly nutritious food source that disgusts people. But the point is, no society can prosper while the people are malnourished. Though it needs to be thoroughly researched how a reduction in the rat population will affect the area. Natural balances are quickly and easily disrupted by human activity. I bet they would taste pretty good wrapped in bacon Also, I wonder whether these rats will be "cultivated." The big problem with rats is that they are full of exciting diseases (beyond the "Eew" factor). How much meat do they get from a rat? Anyone tasted a rat? Might already taste like bacon. I was just following rule #1 everything tastes better wrapped in bacon. Might have well said "India's poor urged to eat poop. If true, I'd think city rats are t

Telstra Ripoff

Telstra rip off. Tell all your family/ friends/ business acquaintances - in fact tell everybody about this! For all Australian respondents... Telstra Phone book For anyone contemplating using the Sensis directory service number, 1234, DON'T! Sensis, as you may or may not know, is a subsidiary of Telstra. The 1234 number is replacing the Telstra 12456 directory assistance number, but this time with outrageous costs attached: 40c to call the number, then 4c A SECOND! PLUS 88c if they connect you to the number By law, Telstra must provide a FREE directory assistance number. They choose however not to pass this number on to the public. The free number is 1223 Thumbs down to Telstra for finding a way to 'charge', for a service that is supposed to be provided for free. Of course, feel free to forward this on.??? Ben Hardwick Lawyer Commercial Litigation Department Slater & Gordon GPO Box 4864VV Melbourne, Vic, 3001