Better is better than Worse

Thinking people of this planet make changes possible.
Change; should and must bring betterment for all peoples.
Stagnation, archaic beliefs, dusty rules and most tradition must be forfeited for the good of all.
To desire and strive to be of some service to the world, to aim at doing something which will increase the happiness and welfare of all people(without drugs).
This is a choice which is possible for us all, and today is a great day to start that voyage and the search for betterment.
Although most of my voyages for betterment were not all successful, there were others who gave all in attempting to save others from future mismanagement. However, I live with the knowledge that I have done my best, and am prepared to do more for others when possible.
As I have mentioned, it is a great day today, the sun is bright and I am hot, I have replaced the seeds and plants in the garden which had been murdered by the Cats from next door. I will admit I was more than just slightly miffed but realised that cats have to take a shite somewhere and feel honoured by them for choosing such a great spot.

Remember: He or She who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing.

"Have a wonderful weekend" Vest, aka John Leonard Spencer, Or just old L J B.


Jimmy said…
if u want high gains
u must take high risks

or stay married to the louse u married
Anonymous said…
Have a great weekend Vest ... you are right, it's good to take a few risks in life.
Wally. said…
Mum says have a great weekend vesty and i do too. already got your book.
Christine M said…
This is a good one

A FIREMAN came home from work one day and told his wife, "You know, we have a wonderful system at the fire station: BELL 1 rings and we all put on our jackets, BELL 2 rings and we all slide down the pole, BELL 3 rings and we're on the fire truck ready to go.

"From now on when I say BELL 1

I want you to strip naked.

When I say BELL 2

I want you to jump in bed.

And when I say BELL 3

We are going to make love all night.

"The next night he came home from work and yelled

" BELL 1!" The wife promptly took all her clothes off.

When he yelled "BELL 2!", the wife jumped into bed.

When he yelled " BELL 3!", they began making love.

After a few minutes the wife yelled "BELL 4!"

"What the hell is BELL 4?" asked the husband?

"ROLL OUT MORE HOSE," she replied

Vest said…
Many thanks to readers who email me, the likes of Christine, Debbie, Nichola, Steve, Jane, and Frank from the U/K. Amy, Jo- Sanders, Graeme and others who are too shy to comment om my post. Also those tired old geezers, that wombat bloke and self styled lord Stick in the mud.
Anyhow have a great weekend.
Vest said…
Jimmy: Tshsmom is having some serious discourse regarding frollicking in the boudouir with her dearly beloved. Reading between the lines of the comments there seems to be no one providing an equitable answer to her dilemma; with the exception of vest,yours truly. Read it now on before she deletes it.

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