Indias poor urged to 'Eat Rats'

India's poor urged to 'eat rat'

I have no problem with the proposal that the poor of India should eat rats. The problem is the numbers of people to which this pertains.
Insects are another untapped, highly nutritious food source that disgusts people. But the point is, no society
can prosper while the people are malnourished.
Though it needs to be thoroughly researched how a reduction in the rat population will affect the area.
Natural balances are quickly and easily disrupted by human activity.
I bet they would taste pretty good wrapped in bacon
Also, I wonder whether these rats will be "cultivated." The big problem with rats is that they are full of exciting diseases (beyond the "Eew" factor).
How much meat do they get from a rat?
Anyone tasted a rat? Might already taste like bacon.
I was just following rule #1 everything tastes better wrapped in bacon.
Might have well said "India's poor urged to eat poop.
If true, I'd think city rats are the more diseased of the species. But I'm guessing the disease thing is probably mostly a hold-over from bubonic plague.
Perhaps they're quite tasty if done like Bombay Duck?
Should talk with the French - They have some great recipes for rat.
Crumbed Rat tails, deep fried in ghee as a bar stool appetiser.
Headless whole rat stuffed with sage and onion - wrapped in kosher bacon.
If the downturn in the mortgage fiasco continues in Uncle Samland the starving homeless and jobless, due to out sourcing to India will have the worlds best fed rats to munch for lunch.


Jimmy said…
INDIA is one of the fastest growing economies, next only to CHINA
Vest said…
Jimmy: I thought it would annoy you.
Jimmy said…
so u made it up
it cud be true

but we are veggies
they eat herbs and shrubs in poverty stricken villages

or commit suicide - the farmers
Jimmy said…
India is home to the richest man in the World - Mukesh Ambani

we also have the poorest of the poor, in the words of mom Theresa, the albanian nun who will be made a Saint by the catlik church - the FAITH Industry of Christians in INDIA
Jimmy said…
the enterprising Indians have migrated to the Western World

u will find an NRI in every country of the World

some have gone to Silicon Valley and started Software Cos.

the richest man in in UK is an Indian Mittal

head of PEPSICO in Asia is an Indian lady, who raised her second finger and faced the flak

Keshi migrated to Kangaroo land and got a plum job, but not yet got a man

Indians come to your land for PG studies and settle there taking the best jobs

the attack on Indian students there was bcoz of this and

lower deck lawyer. said…
Your post is certanly raising Jimmy's Hackles.Mike.
Jimmy said…
not really LD
u can run down my cuntry

but u gotta admit we Indians stole your jobs

and raised your hackles
and u attacked the Indian students for this
Moshe said…
The consumption of pig meat is no less abhorrent to rats or any carnivourous rodents.
Jimmy said…
the HOTEL and TOURISM Industry in USA 80% of the hotels are owned or managed by the PATELS from Gujarat

MOTELS are now called POTELS
Jimmy said…
the NHS in UK will collapse if the Kerala nurses and docs return to INDIA

same is true for NASA and the US MNCs,
if the IIT Grads return to INDIA
Frog said…
Moshe, you and your mates having your foreskins trimmed and frozen to provive an annual feast of Calamari for your carnivorous Rabbi is even more repulsive.
Vest said…
Frog: Wouldn't like a tuck in on yours legs either, on the other hand if you were of the fairer and tender gender and not green and slimy - I might(r) might give it a go.
Jimmy said…
Indians (Hindus) have plenty GODs
the greatest is Goddess Lakshmi

she is the Goddess of wealth
when Indians migrate to the WEST,
they are chasing LAKSMI

they are focussed on making money
no coffee breaks
no holidays

and very often they will hold onto 2 jobs

and live in dormitories
they wont spend

Indians equate the dollar as 50 INR
and Euro as 60 INR

beeg money in INDIA
in INDIA u get potato burger for INR 5 (its called vada paav)

orange juice for INR 10
Milk for INR 12 for half litre

in GOA my cousin BRIAN rents out Guest Houses for INR 100 per day

come to INDIA to spend your Pounds Dollars and Euros

good VALUE for MONEY
yes virgin girls are cheap too Wally
WALLY said…
Us indigenous people eat all sorts of local bush tucker but frogs are a bit iffy as in the big P like say eating a cane toad pie you would definitely CROAK.
Jimmy said…
An official in the Indian state of Bihar has come up with a new idea to encourage low caste poor people to cope with food shortages - rat meat.
The Principal Secretary of the state's Welfare Department, Vijay Prakash, said that he was advancing his proposal after "much survey and ground work".
Bihar's extremely poor Musahar community are rat-eaters by tradition.
The Musahar are on the bottom strata of the caste system with the lowest literacy rate and per capita income.
Less than one percent of their 2.3 million population in Bihar is literate and 98% are landless.
Mr Prakash says his proposals to popularise rat meat eating are intended to uplift their social-economic condition.

People now prefer to eat rat meat instead of chicken or goat as it comes cheaper and is more tasty and healthy
Vijay Prakash
"There are twin advantages of this proposal. First, we can save about half of our food grain stocks by catching and eating rats and secondly we can improve the economic condition of the Musahar community," he told the BBC.
According to Mr Prakash, about 50% of total food grain stocks in the country are eaten away by rodents.
He argues that by promoting rat eating more grain will be preserved while hunger among the Musahar community will be reduced.
He said that rat meat is not only a delicacy but a protein-enriched food, widely popular in Thailand and France.
"Rats have almost no bones and are quite rich in nutrition. People at large don't know this cuisine fact but gradually they are catching up."
However he may find it difficult to popularise such a strategy in a conservative society like Bihar and other north Indian states.
Mr Prakash says that he has recipes to make rat eating a delicacy, which he now wants to distribute to all the hotels in Bihar.
He also wants to encourage rat farming in the same way that poultry is farmed.
While eating rat meat is still stigmatised in urban areas of the country, Mr Prakash says that his research has revealed that it is a popular food item in some parts of Bihar where it is known at roadside hotels by the name of "patal-bageri".
This is not the first time that the department secretary has come out with such an innovative idea.
Earlier, he proposed to recruit eunuchs as security guards to maternity wards in hospitals.
"Yes, that proposal is in its advance stage and we'll very soon engage them in various social activities of our department," he said.
And the welfare secretary's next plan?
"I'll make snake catching popular for the economic value of its venom," he said.
Jimmy said…
the dumb Americans made many trips to the Moon

India made only one
and we found WATER

proving to the World that life forms exist on the moon
Jimmy said…

VEST found it here
Jimmy said…
another breaker by India is the TATA NANO priced at INR 1,20 K on the road (inclusive of taxes)

and FORD, GM and CHRYSLER threw in the towel
Jimmy said…
u guys must be wondering how we Indian kids got the moolah to go in for higher studies in college

in India the parents are responsible for the kids education jobs and marriage

the parents finance them, unlike in the WEST

google it to read more
Vest said…
When the temp falls to below 25 Cel I'll be back, It was hot enough to cook a rat today, 41 Cel in my back garden on the Central Coast of N S W AUS.

Jimmy the India rust bucket car the cheap and nasty Tata Nano is about as popular as the extinct Russian car the Lada Samara and the cheap and nasty Chinese Great wall death traps now on sale in Oz to unwary buyers. These apparently made from recycled rickshaws.
These cars have failed most compulsary safety tests. only a complete nutter would buy one simply for its cheapness.

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