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Wealthy Oriental Gents, or WOGS WHO EAT DOGS

YUK YUK. But it's true, Dogs are on the menu in TAIWAN and not just one type of dog, but any breed. This practice of rustling and eating your neighbours best friend is not new, but some unwary tourists found out too late that, the bone they were eating the meat from; that which they would normally give to Rover, was none other than Rover himself. I have put together a possible Menu which could be encountered should you visit Taiwan (formerly Formosa)and be game enough to shake a canny chopstick or two at the curious canine cuisine, slobber yer chops on this lot, if you are barking mad. THE MENU Poached poodle with braised Boxer, Entree Sweet& sour Samoyed. Curried Corgi in Royal Jelly, Entree Bitches tits with paw paw gravy. Scotch Terrier in teriyaki sauce, entree Puree of Flench flied fleas. Bow Wow Sum Chow, Entree Pekingese and Duck soup. Bistro Menu The following served with Vegetables or choice of salads. Chihu


What happened to the slogan 'Kiss a non smoker and taste the difference'? Did the tobacco companies buy the copyright and ban its publication? if so what about having a new slogan! But remember the kids will have to see it too. My partner and I are non smokers and only experience this dreadful problem at alcohol pumped up parties and other social gatherings. What have you experienced when kissing a tobacco smoker? be careful now. What are your thoughts on tobacco usage in general? like ban Smokes, ration them or tax them out of reach of people, or should we wear a non smokers badge which states, "Blow that smoke in my face and you will die you bastard" Remember you dopey smokers, It will reduce your shagging days considerably and each smoke an hour of your life. Maybe smokers should be fitted with smoke stacks!! THAT WAS A RE RUN OF A PREVIOUS POST. ADD: My two local social clubs which are in a medium size category, segregate smoking areas, however, the gaming areas a


If increasing numbers of children are too fat; and they are; the casual factors are over eating and parking their butts for lengthy periods-the sedentary nature of modern times. This is the astounding conclusion in the latest research study into the phenomenon of chilhood obesity. It turns out that if a child is overweight it may have something to do with the fact that the child eats too much, and doesn't do enough exercise. WELL, FANCY THAT. What a load of old cods wallop. As if a govt sponsored research team would be needed to discover the self-evident truth. As their appetites for grease-burgers and computer games increase, so do their shirt sizes. To correct this ongoing problem, A mandatory 15 minute exercise period twice per school day and sensible eating would go a long way in correcting this problem. School canteens and tuck-shops will soon ban the sale of sugary soft drinks and junk foods. I say, the responsibility lies with the childrens parents, not by a government rul


Hopefully this will be a temporary measure I am using to combat a serious threat of profanity spreading to this site. I shall be away until Monday May 29, down the south coast of NSW OZ STRAYER on a family visit, will visit you all on my return, take care, vest. L Y A.


ONE DEAD IN COUNTRY WIDE FIGHTS NIGHT A man was killed and scores of others injured during Booze fuelled punch-ups among club and pub crowds Ogling the'Tony Mundine V Danny Green' Boxing fiasco this Tuesday May 16. Hundreds of drinkers were involved nationwide. Perth, Western Australia's Capitol, and the home town of the fight Loser; Danny Green, hosted the worst Fracas,during which a 45 year old guy was pronounced dead after being punched. A 29 year old Perth man has been charged with homicide, more than a hundred arrests have been made over these incidents. I SAY, Ban this degrading so called sport world wide, it only gives pleasure to the Looney would be bullies and drunken dead beat fringe dwellers, who in turn line the pockets of the colorful bookmaker identities. And while my ire is up; I would suggest that, the next stupid Quadriplegic producing sport to face bans should be Rugby League Football, Which I Dislike Intensely with a passion. Tony Mundine is a product of

ITS NOT FISHING, WHEN HUNTING FOR A HOOKER.Rex the fisherman is CAUGHT on a bait of Bum floss and fish nets.

One of my favorite TV fishing Programme's is hosted by REX HUNT A Millionaire fishing guru, has told his wife his last outstretched arm 'As big as that' fib. It seems that randy Rex has been shopping for maids, when he told his nearest and dearest, he hoped one time out he may hook a mermaid. Rex has confessed to several encounters with women over the past 15 years of whom he described as being persons in desperate need for financial assistance, and he himself desperate for physical contact. On one occasion Rex paid AU$50,000, to silence one woman. Rex Hunt 57, has denied that the women were prostitutes, although he paid them about AU$1,000 each time for a slice of the action. Saint Rex The Sanctimonious fisher of Women, has often preached on the virtues of marriage and fidelity, say's, "I am deeply ashamed and sorry. Fortunately his darling wife of 34 years has forgiven him. He say's he has been a bad person. My wife is the most beautiful person, I'll no


I join with all Aussies in wishing all Mothers well, today mothers day. However, lets not stuff up the day by giving mum eggs and bacon for brekky or roast pork for lunch. Most of our bacon ham and pork comes from factory farms. In these factories, pregnant pigs are kept in tiny cages called 'Sow Stalls', where they are hardly able to move. Before giving birth they are moved to an even smaller pen called a farrowing crate where, after the birth, they are unable to nurture the newborn piglets. The Mothers worth is guaged by how many piglets she can produce each litter and then how quickly she can be made pregnant again. In Australia there are close to 300,000 of these highly sensitive Mothers spending this Mothers day and every crackling munching day in 'Inescapable Misery'. Have a dekko at


WELLINGTON, NEW ZEALAND: A 31 year old man with no arms has appeared in court charged with dangerous driving after police stopped him driving with his feet at high speed. Police claim Colin Raymond Smith was doing 121km/ph(75 mph)- 21km over the limit - while using one foot to steer from his reclined seat and the other to control the brake and accelerator. Smith, who had two passegers in the car, told an officer he was born without arms, had never had a drivers licence and had been driving with his feet for years. OPEN FORUM COMMENTS Not appertaining to this post are allowed on this comment thread, marked Open forum. J L SPENCER'S novel 'WAVING GOODBYE TO A THOUSAND FLIES', ISBN 1-4120-3384-5, U/S$21-95. Available from the publisher, click on the ICON.

OPEN FORUM. This is a new concept in blogging.

In future ALL posts on this Site will have a section to be known as 'OPEN FORUM. this is to be introduced as from now and a reminder of this promulgated at each time a new post arrives. Open Forum comments are not restricted to the current post, however, it would be advisable not to retro too far into the archives. When referring to comments in archives, you will be advised to mention the post and it's date. Open forum comments Shall Not relate to the current posts, and must be headed 'Open Forum. Open talk opens the way to further talk, as does wine or love, and a little bit of gossip is good for the soul, another good thing about gossip is that it is within every ones reach. The more the pleasures of the body fade away, the greater to me is the pleasure and charm of conversation.


Because the driver who hit Sophie Delezio is elderly, there are now calls for drivers over 75 to be tested annually as to their suitability to drive. My greatest fear on the roads is from young female provisional licence drivers in small cars. If they ever knew the rules of the road, they have either forgotten them or believe that they don't apply to them. That two horrendous recent road accidents have involved elderly drivers does make a case for reviewing the driving skills of those aged 75 and above. One of these accidents occured on a pedestrian crossing where more than 20 accidents have been reported in the past two years, so it would be rash to pass judgement on the strength of such minimal evidence, It would be more to the point comparing the percentage of driving offences by the elderly with those by drivers in different age categories and the host of differing situations and circumstances, such as,Ages,Sex, Alcohol?, social background, time and degree of seriousness. The

SPARE A THOUGHT FOR LITTLE SOPHIE.. Who was Hit by a car in Sydney

After my seven hour repose from four something this morning,I was confronted with more bad news.If anyone reading this who has a malady of sorts which could be worse than that of Little Sophie's; Bless you too. It would be best for you to read about this yourselves. Type into Google, 'SOPHIE DELEZIO HIT BY CAR IN SYDNEY'. This will give you the complete story, PLEASE READ IT and simply say that you have read it.

THOUGHT OF THE DAY, This may include you too' so clean up your act

Once you have the cap and gown all you need to do is open your mouth. Whatever nonsense you talk becomes wisdom and all the rubbish good sense.