I join with all Aussies in wishing all Mothers well, today mothers day.
However, lets not stuff up the day by giving mum eggs and bacon for brekky or roast pork for lunch.
Most of our bacon ham and pork comes from factory farms. In these factories, pregnant pigs are kept in tiny cages called 'Sow Stalls', where they are hardly able to move.
Before giving birth they are moved to an even smaller pen called a farrowing crate where, after the birth, they are unable to nurture the newborn piglets.
The Mothers worth is guaged by how many piglets she can produce each litter and then how quickly she can be made pregnant again.
In Australia there are close to 300,000 of these highly sensitive Mothers spending this Mothers day and every crackling munching day in 'Inescapable Misery'.
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Anonymous said…
well vesty old mate..its one of those rare occasions when guys named Larry or Abdul dont get pilloried for some inoxious anti social deed.. we'll let the animal loving christians wear that one.
BTW hows your head? see you next frid,.. maybe some oink snags on the barby eh.
Vest said…
Cruise lipping impossible. Tom the Zombie, the new gushing dad has ex; Kidman, wishing the impossible, that tom the zom would swallow an insensitivity pill.
Tomzom was rapt when Isabella, 13 gave Katie Holmes the 'Tick of Approval', "She's the one" say's
adopted girly. A nice mothers day surprise for Kidman, who probably couldn't give a tit, she herself being too busy getting the Beverly Hills studs Big Dick of approval.
Vest said…
I Dave: I may have have a lapsed following of the perceived almighty, yet I still dont waffle sheeps eyeballs on Christmas day.
Anonymous said…
wot doyou mean by that mr vest
Anonymous said…
Hi Zed. What school of learning did you attend, you are a young man who is trying to better himself I gather, try to stay on the right side of the law too.
I am sure vesty missed out saying that The Larry's and Abduls only devour the Lamb of god. I'm not sure what the sheeps eyeballs mean. K I T. Kate.
Vest said…
Hi Kate: To refresh your memory, In John L Spencers novel advertised on this site, among other distasteful culinary disasters, he mentions sheeps eyeballs on page 40 chap 10 last para, you have a signed copy, check it out.
Anonymous said…
Mr vest stop making fun of muslims,what you say is affensive, stop it now you stinking christion.
Vest said…
Good evening Ah M or F. Quite a delightful person arn't you.
I would say we are more than even bets at this stage; despite of my statements which I consider to be humorous and not inflammatory as your statement would possibly be to some Christians, but like water off a ducks back to me. You strict fundamentalists seem to have a sense of humor similar to that of a pitt bull terrior. Fortunately you guys are just the simple minority of your otherwise stable faith. Mind you after you blow yourself up you will feel much better. should you return to apologise; thats ok , if not you will more than likley be deleted.

I am of a mind to post a short a/c of my assoc with a muslim friend I was in touch with over a period of 34 years until his departure to that big Mosque in the sky.
Vest said…
Please note this is not a secular blogsite, although I do encourage people not to go overboard when it comes to the Ecclesiastical
thingy; which tends to rock the boat and stir the bucket.
Anonymous said…
hello mr vest, my name is Brian I have just discovered this blog stuff and I find it rather intriguing and I love your brashness and obvious intellect and your ability to switch from impressive wording to gutter stuff, I dont want to get offside so I will stop now but call again when I have time Bye , Brian.
BTW I think Pork is nice.
Vest said…
My thought for today.
I find it amusing to listen to an incorrigible liar, but I detest the inaccuracies.
Michele said…
Hey mate,you're very witty
love your post.Stop by for
a visit.
Vest said…
Thanks Michele, I have reciprocated, and for Gordon and Zed it has nothing to do with fornication, I suppose that will be mind boggling for you both too.
Anonymous said…
The only pork my missus got for Mothers day was the porking I gaver her after the children had left to show her why she meant so much to me.Well that's what I told her.
Vest said…
Having led a sheltered life, I am not too wise about the term 'porking' or familiar with the smell of dunny seats on a prawn trawler; that you mentioned on the blog I called at earlier, however, thanks phill for calling.
Anonymous said…
A matlow having a sheltered life you must be kidding.By the way is that how you spell Matlow?I can't remember it is over forty years ago I left Pompey.
The smell of a prawn trawler dunny seat is something that grows on you.Or should I say, get used to.Phill.
Vest said…
Phill. Me, 24.5 yrs RN.Left Pompey 5-7-71, Mrs 5 Sons, Live Central Coast NSW OZ. Retired and OLD and with it.
Not Matlow, Correction;(French for Sailor)MATELOT, ok seeya.
Anonymous said…
Vest left Pompey 1965,a Stella stint 3yrs H.M.S. Excellent cadets.Joined Oz Army than Merchant Navy.Useless information Grt Grandfather Chief Coastguard Officer Portsmouth (Titchfield)1890 he joined R.N. 1853 until death 1899.Grand Father invalided out of R.N. 1902 due to Boer war wounds spent rest of life in merch.Sailed famous ships Olympic,Carpathia,etc etc.Was friends with Frederic Fleet of Titanic fame. Finished time master mariner.Old man was at D..Day landings L.S.T.'s after retiring Navy worked New Hebrides on tugs.Me 54 yrs still race yachets Swan River Perth 27 footers.Now fucked with out G.P.S.If pushed can still tie a bow line regards Phill
Vest said…
Phill: I recall HMS Excellent the RN Gunnery School Whale Island (Pompey) Portsmouth with more than an ounce of trepidity, its gravel parade ground. The motto above the W/R entrance in Latin which I translated to a senior officer as; "LONG LIVE BUllSHIT" who replied "Rifle above your head twice around the parade ground ;at the double; GO"--to be continued with more sinister revelations, seeya.vest.
BwcaBrownie said…
I did enjoy your Kidman Cruise remarks. That Kate will be sorry one day, and those poor little adopted kids - suddenly, VERY suddenly, 'Dad' stopped shooting blanks. quite strange.
Vest said…
Saby: Your last 6 onerous comments have been wiped. U R T W LINK Goodbye.
BTW< Anymore will suffer a similar fate.
Anonymous said…
Have a , , dekko, , at

heyyy u old geezer
u been to india?
Jim said…
dis old geezer is weird
he prefers fornication, to Fucking

Hi Bridget u need a younger man wid all systems go

maybe we can meet up someday

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