If increasing numbers of children are too fat; and they are; the casual factors are over eating and parking their butts for lengthy periods-the sedentary nature of modern times.
This is the astounding conclusion in the latest research study into the phenomenon of chilhood obesity.
It turns out that if a child is overweight it may have something to do with the fact that the child eats too much, and doesn't do enough exercise.
WELL, FANCY THAT. What a load of old cods wallop. As if a govt sponsored research team would be needed to discover the self-evident truth.
As their appetites for grease-burgers and computer games increase, so do their shirt sizes.
To correct this ongoing problem, A mandatory 15 minute exercise period twice per school day and sensible eating would go a long way in correcting this problem.
School canteens and tuck-shops will soon ban the sale of sugary soft drinks and junk foods.
I say, the responsibility lies with the childrens parents, not by a government ruling.


Jeannie said…
I agree - but back when we were kids, we were pushed outside to play instead of being kept "safe" inside watching the boob-tube - out of fear of the dirty old men who we were told to stay away from and the sun which was good for us. Some day it'll swing back to some sense of normality
Angelique said…
I agree, Vest. Kids eat what parents provide and they are the ones who can change their kid's diet for better or worse.
I say, the responsibility lies with the childrens parents, not by a government ruling.

Couldn't agree with you more. Every time the gov't gets their hands on things, they do their little things to make them feel better, but end up accomplishing nothing.

Would be nice if parents actually took the time to parent children, watch what they eat, and play with them. That's why so many kids are fat. Lazy parents.
Michele said…
Most people eat out of boredom,
the U.S. has the highest rate
of obesity in the world.

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