Wealthy Oriental Gents, or WOGS WHO EAT DOGS

YUK YUK. But it's true, Dogs are on the menu in TAIWAN and not just one type of dog, but any breed. This practice of rustling and eating your neighbours best friend is not new, but some unwary tourists found out too late that, the bone they were eating the meat from; that which they would normally give to Rover, was none other than Rover himself.
I have put together a possible Menu which could be encountered should you visit Taiwan (formerly Formosa)and be game enough to shake a canny chopstick or two at the curious canine cuisine, slobber yer chops on this lot, if you are barking mad.


Poached poodle with braised Boxer, Entree Sweet& sour Samoyed.

Curried Corgi in Royal Jelly, Entree Bitches tits with paw paw gravy.

Scotch Terrier in teriyaki sauce, entree Puree of Flench flied fleas.

Bow Wow Sum Chow, Entree Pekingese and Duck soup.

Bistro Menu

The following served with Vegetables or choice of salads.

Chihuahua and chips----Corned Collie and chips----Stir fried Spaniel and Fries.

Mongolian Mongrel Lamb----Mauser & Mushroom Omelette----Springer Spaniel Rolls.

Bitzer Shnitzels.---- All come with a free bowl of Stray dog combination soup.

ROAST OF THE DAY: French Greyhound Stuffed with Neutered Nuts (With garlic)

with condiments and compliments



Anonymous said…
Good one!
Jeannie said…
This is gross. It's not just that dogs can be loving companions but their meat would have to taste pretty awful with them being carnivores. It would make sense in countries like this that there might be a lot of vegetarians. I would be.

I'm sorry your granddaughter appears ungrateful. I probably was much the same but only remember seeing my grandfather about 3 times my entire childhood. My other grandfather I didn't meet until I was 16 or so. I was glad to have the money they sent but was uncomfortable with writing a thank you to someone I didn't know. I wish my mother had sat with me and helped me compose a suitable note. I'm afraid I am just as guilty as she is in not training my own properly.
Michele said…
That was a little too much.
I've had dogs my entire life,
so i don't get it,they come
across as barbaric cavemen.

I think you can take off moderation
haven't heard from saby in hours.
Maybe he finally committed
himself to a mental hospital.
We can only hope.
Scott said…
I leave for Australia tomorrow and plan to eat Kangaroo, and will plan to eat dog in China when I visit in August.
Vest said…
Michele: A few verbal Grenades On Saby's Blogsite from yours truly; plus follow up comment in concert, became the tipping point to Uber Deadender Sahib Saby's demise.
Vest said…
Percy: why are you living in Krautland, is it for the same reason I live in OZSTRAYER, Gudonyer Boyo.

Jeannie: Your forthrightness appeals to my way of thinking, getting to the crux of the matter asap and resolving problems as they arrive; whenever possible.

Some of the greatest moments of my twilight years are hearing our sons and G/Children say "I Love You". And the Missus of course.

Singlet(son of vest)Alias procrastinating No One Son: Nice to see you make that effort; if only brief.
Vest said…
Scott: While you are hell bent on this gourmet excursion; why not pop in for some regurgitated pub floor pizza.
Vest said…
A few years ago four Australian explorers set forth with their dog named Bob into the unknown far beyond the legendry black stump.
Despite all of their efforts to live off the land it became increasingly difficult to find food aithough unknown to them a hidden valley promising life support existed two days trek away.
It was then the explorers decided Bob the dog would be their salvation. A quick tap on the head and Bob the dog was then roasted on a spit.
Later that day after filling their stomachs, their leader stated while looking at a pile of bones;
"Its a pity Bob isn't here he would have loved them bones".
Anonymous said…
hi mr vest...while I was in Jail for ten weeksI had good food well it was better than on the bum living rough and i learned to use the spell check so i write good now.. I dont think i will eat any dog it would make me puke ...I have job fitting tires tyres ? my boss has a nice shed i sleeping and save money for me i like my life now, and you are my fav best bloke ...zed
Anonymous said…
hi vesty old chap...not quite my bag as toffee nosed british would say... I dont want to think about eating dog ...i cant think how people even china men could eat it too... arghhg yuk
Vest said…
"The Noblest Dog Is The Hot Dog
It Feeds The Hand That Bites It".
Yuck. It's not only the Chinese, but also the Vietnamese and the Filipinos. the problem that nobody acknowledges is that there are too many mouths and not enough food.

I'll never eat dog. Dogs are a sacred animal to me. Come the zombie plague, it will be dogs that will save us all.
Vest said…
My thought for the day.

Anonymous said…
Fancy pork chops on friday mate--- ill bring some along-- about 1230 ok--dont mention bow wows its bad enough eating pork-- but then I know that some arabs in Lebanon eat pork too..
Anonymous said…
Vest said…
Having lived in Singapore with wife and small son for 18 mths in the 50s and also in Hong Kong with small family for 2 years in the 60s, my first instincts were 'don't eat oriental food', we were given ample warning regarding Chinese cuisine, its preparation and ingredients plus the lack of hygiene by the cooks and kitchens, even in registered clubs and govt service (persons) establishments the expected standards often came under scrutiny. There was no built in safety factor guarantying what you asked for was what you got on your plate.
Our servant or Amah was restricted to peeling the spuds and cleaning vegies plus washing and cleaning, to us the parents; the children's health and safety was paramount we were made aware that the above practices were wide spread in the orient and such practices die hard and are not uncommon to this day.

Where will you be eating out tonight?
Anonymous said…
Hi vesty..saw an old movie last night 'guns for St Sabastion 1968'shows Anthony Quinn as a Mexican killing a dog for food.. it could be that hunger is the common denominator not a racial thing..
BTW..I thought the menu was really whacky and yucky.. see ya& luvs ya cath X
Anonymous said…
Brit roy/navy Capt Scott of Antartic fame and his team of explorers ate their husky sledge dogs.
and indeed so did Capt Cook Brit Roy/Navy eat his pet dogs liver.

I wonder if the yanks have dabbled in this macabre practice.
in the 18 cent am/civ war they ate their dead horses.
Anonymous said…
I am a first timer and i have a reeeelly good feeling for Your Hot Dog, I will come again soon xoxoxo
Vest said…
SAHIB SABY:Sorry to hear you are still afflicted with the same problem we discussed recently. When Little hope exists such as in your case Sahib Saby; one way out is self Euthanasia, you could try a new slant on the Indian rope trick; like dropping down instead of climbing up. However, your incongruous chatter has served little purpose to enhance my affection for you. Your comment deleted.
SABY "You are the weakest link. Goodbye"
Vest said…
Saucy Susan: I hope it was good for you and pleae stop handling my hot dog, someone may want to eat it.
Vest said…
so far only nine comments have failed scrutiny 6 anons two from u know who + another boof head, a gutless lot

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