ITS NOT FISHING, WHEN HUNTING FOR A HOOKER.Rex the fisherman is CAUGHT on a bait of Bum floss and fish nets.

One of my favorite TV fishing Programme's is hosted by REX HUNT A Millionaire fishing guru, has told his wife his last outstretched arm 'As big as that' fib.
It seems that randy Rex has been shopping for maids, when he told his nearest and dearest, he hoped one time out he may hook a mermaid.
Rex has confessed to several encounters with women over the past 15 years of whom he described as being persons in desperate need for financial assistance, and he himself desperate for physical contact. On one occasion Rex paid AU$50,000, to silence one woman.
Rex Hunt 57, has denied that the women were prostitutes, although he paid them about AU$1,000 each time for a slice of the action.
Saint Rex The Sanctimonious fisher of Women, has often preached on the virtues of marriage and fidelity, say's, "I am deeply ashamed and sorry.
Fortunately his darling wife of 34 years has forgiven him. He say's he has been a bad person. My wife is the most beautiful person, I'll not hurt her any more.

Legalised cat houses in the Sydney Metro area number in the high hundreds at least and the punters who frequent them possibly 100s of thousands, you don't have to go looking, The Daily telegraph my favorite newspaper gives you two pages of ribaldry and sexually explicit adverts describing what you may be looking for, but does not describe the disadvantages which could apply to the unwary, the death sentence of Aids, or possibly your willy dropping off to the bathroom floor, when it fails to rise to the occasion.
Adjacent is the hatches and dispatches page and a list of black coated morons who for an astronomical sum of bucks will dispose of your body Thoughtfully.

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Anonymous said…
I'm in love with Mike Hunt
Anonymous said…
i'm hairy mary and i'm in love with mike hunt.
Vest said…
Hairy Mary, Please desist you wanton wench.
Vest said…
Open Forum: The Tony Mundine V Danny greem fight , nearly got cancellrd last night when Tony refused to have a urine test. It was allowed to go ahead however, when tony explained that it was illegal to take the piss out of aborigines.
Tony won the fight, if you haven't already heard.
Vest said…
Open Forum: Regarding 'Le Specs' advert in todays Telegraph.
Most of the regular models for the photo shoot may well have been wearing BOYNTONS spare pairs of red flannel elastic long leg bloomers with galvanised gussetts for all the guy with the camera cared.
The 24 yr old Sydney chick Sarah Chan who displayed the stern end four fiths of her delightful torso hung the 'Le Specs' over the top of the smidgin of cloth covering the action area, her sultry stance and perfect figure completed a winning picture.
Now what surprised me was the specs were not worn further up, like on ones face.
Then the moment of truth arrived, when a small cameo head and shoulders image of the other fith of the four fiths completed the Pic, I was then reminded of the old addage.
Anonymous said…
It seems that Rex Hunt kept one woman for several years on a weekly payment of over 1,000 bucks-- she cried foul when the last 50 grand was paid to her-- It was the partner she had lived with during that time booting her out which has caused a stink--(as if he didn't know)-- now she has no support and no one to turn to she say's-- Go back to turning a trick as before I say
Michele said…
Very interesting,rex sounds
like he's a handful.
Vest said…
Before we get too hooked on Rex's line being a stinker, repeat the following after me, prostitute, street walker, sex worker, call girl, escort, lady of the night, hooker. Hardley difficult to understand, so why do the media beat about the brothel, Rex's encounters were with prostitutes, nothing less. If one's partner pops down the road and hawks her purly for a few Quid to pay for groceries; she too is a prostitute, however, there does'nt seem to be a title for those tens of thousands of guys who support the sex industry, guys who are our squeaky clean neighbourly husbands or friends, but dont worry if your status is nonedescript urban, you won't get a mention in the tabloids, but Uber Rex, the newsworthy marital criminal is being pilloried for being stupid enough to be 'Caught Out'.

BTW, you would think that Rex Hunt would have more common sense, seeing that he was an ex Policeman.
Vest said…
Last comment. Typo should read IS an ex policeman, not was.
Anonymous said…
vTRm0W write more, thanks.

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