The Mayor of Nagasaki - Shot twice in the back - Dies.

The Mayor of the Japanese city of Nagasaki died yesterday after allegedly being gunned down by a member of a yakuza gang.
Itcho Ito, 61, seeking election for a fourth term in Sundays election, was shot at least twice in the back outside his campaign office late on Tuesday night, Police said.
Tetsuya Shiro, 59 a senior member of a gang affiliated with Japans largest crime syndicate, the Yamaguchi-Gumi, was arrested by police. A revolver he had with him was confiscated.
Without going into the gory details, and political issues concerning this cowardly shooting, it seems to be very clear to me that killing is made so much easier if you have a gun; apposed to other means which require more time and effort - meaning - slow to carry out and giving the selected victims opportunity to disperse - away from danger. Solo killings with Knives and blunt weapons usually occur when people are asleep, or when awake two or more persons in company find safety in numbers, but not so with a automatic gun.
Professional (hit men) killers who are hired for the job to eliminate a rival of the client in most cases, do not splatter all and sundry, some times this sort of thing turns out to be good for the community. The worst scenarios are those when a person becomes distraught and uncontrollable and has access to a weapon(gun)made easy by the lax laws of his community. It is at this type of situation where the tightening of gun controls could make a start and move forward from there.
Japan has very strict gun control laws and firearms are mostly in the hands of yakuza gangsters or hunters.

A State-by-State Look at Gun laws in the US

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Jay said…
Was that really #200? Congratulations!
Keshi said…
yeah its all abt Killing these days. Im disgusted!

Anonymous said…
I am aware of your previous involvement with Japanese people, way back, how are your feelings toward them in this day and age?

Good post vest. Mike.
Anonymous said…
TOKYO: a Japanese crime gang has disbanded after one of its members shot dead the mayor of Nagisaki, The person who was responsible has shamed his gang leader to apologize to the public and also stated his gang would disband.
Vest said…
Thank you Jay, I rarely qualify for congrats. will call sap.

Keshi: and what about those T T's in your old country, little pearl, x.

LD: Still not too keen on the old guard. I am able to empathise with recent generations.

Anon: Saying sorry does not resurrect the deceased mayor.
Anonymous said…

I an surprised that among all the sadness, I am still able to feel very angry with America.
I cant count how many times I have heard that pathetic and idiotic quotation about the "right to bear arms".
I would have thought of all the days they could give it a rest out of respect for the dead, turned on the news to hear that walking disaster, George W Bush, Quoting it for all the world to hear.
One imbecile (not even an American) had just used his constitutionally protected right to bear arms to take away the ability of 33 other souls to ever again practice that right, nd George Bush supports it loudly and publicly on the very same day as the tragedy. How many people have to die in these massacres?
Perhaps Americans have become desensitised to all this death and horror.

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