The News paper delivered daily to my door.

   It is becoming more like a comic book with most of its pages dedicated to sport and  brothel adverts Today's top story pulverises the Australian Deputy Prime Minister , Who it seems to have been shaking his tail with one of his favourite female staffer's  currently in the Pudding club to the shock horror of his wife of 24 years and his four daughters.

  The Deputy Pm first of all ,states , "I am deeply ashamed but is madly in love with his new squeeze..
This sort of thing happens within 50 % of Australian marriages. "Quite True" say I ,. However  I am of the opinion that - that 50% involves 95 % of the countries celebrities silver tails and politicians not the common herd.

 His family state that they gave up their own careers and education to support him over the years.

Vest.... Back soon.


Anonymous said…
Our ABC's 730 wasted ten minutes last night with an interview where we learnt absolutely nothing. While I am no fan of Joyce, unless it is affecting their job or they are being hypocritical in public, then I don't feel comfortable with prying into the private lives of politicians.
Vest said…
Andrew .With all due respect to your principles. Each and all of us have the right to form opinions of others. Pollies have the knack of doing just that. but don't worry within a few years the human race will degenerate to being like Dogs Bonking in the street with imunity

Politicians lives should be totally transparent.
Thank you for calling . I value your comment.

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