There is only one more days supply left.
The Australian Red Cross Blood Service yesterday said blood supplies had plummeted to dangerously low levels, nationally the supply stands at nearly two days.
The sad thing is only 3% of Australians had given blood in the past year.
So come on you guys , Those pretty dracula's are waiting , all they need each time you go is about half an armful.
This message also goes out to the people of all Nations. If you can find time to sit around the home for no useful purpose or at a loose end, get up and get down to your local blood bank.
" Don't know where it is " look in the telephone directory.
You will probably be saving some persons life, doesn' t that make you feel good.


Anonymous said…
How inspirational! great gesture, more prompting needed to get people to donate blood.
Can you promo this more frequently.
Thank you vest. Hilary.
I'm guilty of not giving blood - it's just not something I think about. Thanks for reminding me. :-)
Vest said…
Hilary R: I'll do as you requested, when time permits. Thank you for calling, vest.

Hi N W: Yes, it is clean living persons like your good self who are urged to contribute in order to raise the level of the dwindling international blood supplies.
I am type O, 6.5 Alc.

I did read your last post, and I am sure you will get back into the swing of things, after six weeks ? of the soft life.
tshsmom said…
I give blood AT LEAST 4 times a year.
Good for you, raising awareness of this problem.
Vest said…
Kari: Thanks for your generous offer, which side of your neck do you prefer, C D.
Anonymous said…
I am a N.Z. Blood Donor here and they just sent me a reminder today.
I am A+ but I'm sure that would give any Ozzie vampires a bellyache!
Vest said…
lantana this is Australia not the U/K, and your blog site is inoperative, need more info, how can I help?
Anonymous said…
DKcjhW write more, thanks.

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