Oh You've GOT To Be Kidding Me: Four Ecuadorian Miners Trapped Underground

Well they say it happens in threes,.After the O'Higgin-Land disaster with 33 miners rescued, we now have another four Miners trapped on the same Continent, Of course those who know everything will dream up the theory that the forthcoming rescue bid will be a piece of piss compared to the last exercise albeit the differing geographical site. No doubt the know how from recent experience can be put to the task for the rescue of these under privileged and under rewarded blokes, working in poor conditions to feather the nests of the Fat Cats. Let us wish them a safe return to their families.
However, you can be sure it will not be long before the next disaster, So don't put the rescue gear in the back of the shed yet.

This just in: Four miners are trapped 500 feet down a collapsed mine  in Portovelo, in Ecuador's southwest coastal province of El Oro. The miners are believed to be alive because they were located in an area far enough away from the collapse, though rescuers have been unable to contact them.These poor guys are never gonna get the same enthusiasm as Chile, but hopefully,

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The Four Trapped Ecuadorian Miners Are Dead

Posted: 21 Oct 2010 07:03 AM PDT

No happy ending for the four Ecuadorian miners who were trapped 500 feet below ground in a gold and copper mine, near the town of Portovelo near the border of Peru, just two days after the 33...so sad.


Scouse. said…
When i was a kid the sayng went.

'Dont go down the mine daddy-there's plenty of coal on top'.
Neale said…
The Zombieslayer U/S blogger is receiving stick having been unmasked as a pedophile, Paul R a staunch Catholic has like other religious geeks come unstuck.
Vest said…
Neale: Really !. So what.
The pope was recently branded as as a sexual deviate by none other than Mike Gibson; Himself a gone astray Cat Holic.

Scouse: yep , an old one it is.
Jimmy said…
underground coal mines must be banned
open cast mines is happening in INDIA today

INDIA has the largest coal reserves owned by COAL INDIA a Govt enterprise
Jimmy said…
Sexually abused Saint is a nun

Nun who exposed sexual abuse made saint

Sydney: Pope Benedict on Sunday gave Australia its first saint,a 19th century whistleblower nun who activists say should be the patron of victims of sexual abuse by priests because she was punished for exposing it.
Jimmy said…
At a solemn ceremony in St Peters Square,the pope canonized Mother Mary MacKillop as well as five other church figures from Poland,Canada,Spain,and Italy who lived in the 15th to 20th centuries.

Tens of thousands of Australian pilgrims traveled to Rome to attend the mass where the pope read a sainthood decree for MacKillop,one of the few saints in Church history who were excommunicated and later rehabilitated.

Chants of Aussie Aussie Aussie,Oi Oi Oi echoed throughout St.Peters Square as a raucous crowd of flag-andballoon-bearing Australians cheered their native Mary MacKillop.In Sydney,huge images of the nun were projected onto the sandstone pylons of the iconic Sydney Harbor Bridge.
Jimmy said…
A cheer broke out in the crowd when MacKillops name was announced earlier in the Mass,evidence of the significant turnout of Australians celebrating the humble nun who was briefly excommunicated in part because her religious order exposed a paedophile priest.

She and 47 other nuns were thrown onto the streets of Adelaide,relying on the charity of friends to survive.

Five months later,the bishop revoked his ruling from his deathbed,restoring MacKillop to her order and paving the way for her decades of work educating the poor across Australia and New Zealand.
Jimmy said…
It is a great day, Sister Monica Cavanagh,secretary general of MacKillops order,said.
WALLY said…
Another 26 chinese miners were killed yesterday. the third lot.
Jimmy said…
Another 26 chinese miners were killed

Killed is the rong word WALLY
they just died

any way dont shed no tears for INDIA and CHINA 28 is a small number

we got plenty ppl
Amy, Swansea. said…
Whats this O'Higgin Land you mentioned?
Vest said…
Amy: Off the cuff, Bernardo O'Higgin was a revolutionary leader,in Chile Going back a fair bit, the son of the Indian wife of his father Ambrosio O'Higgin, Irish soldier of fortune.
Suggest you check it out on Google.
Thanks for calling , where have you been lately?
B T W. I believe Santiago's main airport is named O'Higgin.
Jimmy said…
indian as in INDIA
or red Indian?
Jimmy said…
Heyyy Vest
u r no gentle man
when a lady wants to no sumting u tell her

if u ddont no. u GOOGLE it
u dont tell her to GOOGLE it
u ass
Jimmy said…
how do u prove that GOD is real,

How do u prove that the ice cream is creamy without licking it

How do u proove that u love Amy more than all the hotties here?
Jimmy said…
A woman on TAGGED rote this:

Men are very fickle by nature--they may be passionate in the beginning but when the relationship becomes a little old they start fidgeting and begin to find a lot of faults in a woman--

-they stop being blindly in love anymore,demand too much,give very little,become irritated easily and start neglecting her needs.

Men may pay a woman the sweetest compliments in the beginning but as time goes by he begins to feel tired and whips up great excuses to avoid her.

MEN ARE COWS BY NATURE.Men move to greener pastures when the older pastures become all barren after feeding on them.

I have come across just a handful of men in my life so far who have real integrity,are loyal and honest,very warm,compassionate and understanding and respects every woman for all her worth instead of finding faults with her and hurting her needlessly.

Jimmy said…
I guess she ran into WALLY, the COW
Vest said…
The wife of Ambrosio, O'Higgin was described as an Indian woman as in Sth/American tribal type, IE Indigenous to the area.

Jimmy: Stop being difficult.
Vest said…
Jimmy or should I say donkey brain. Leave out the Ass.
The time consuming info RE O 'Higgin can be sought on google for those requiring such. My blog gets enough claptrap from you without me adding to it.
Now take six of the best for being insubordinate.
Be careful of your reply, having it deleted would be a waste of your time.

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