The Queens Birthday.? .Different Thinking.

      The  Queen of England and some of the Commonwealth will be 88 years and  41 days of age tomorrow. as per 21-4-26.  Q E 2 was eleven weeks and one day of age  when I was born on a Friday which coincided with the start of the Muslim year 1304 or 622 years later in the Christian calendar, The year 622 was when  Mohammad took flight from Mecca to Medina, pity he wasn't on M 307. I hope I haven't lost you. it does become confusing to the lesser thinkers, the first rpt, first atom bomb and the launch time of the Apollo 11 Brit S/T 2100 also coincides. my hatching date, but  later. 19 and 43 years later.

Since this Royal birthday fiasco began  in the 18th century, only QE2/s grand daddy King George V born June 3 1865 on a Saturday became the closest to this imaginary date of the first Monday in June for celebrating the Monarchs birthday.
      However there seems to be no ending to the number of occasions that this peculiar ritual takes place, maybe it was conceived with the belief that presento's for the monarch from wealthy name droppers would give  a rise to the number of shekels in the Royal piggy bank

What do you reckon?     Also interesting go to, Queen's Official Birthday   Google.

 Vest..... back soon..


Count me in as a lesser thinker. Those numbers made my head whirl.
And I see no reason to celebrate our absent monarch's birthday - either her real one or the imaginary one.
C A. USA said…
So you were born on july 15 1926 you old bastard, right?
Vest said…
Elephants Child:
I am certain you are not a slow thinker.
I came in close proximity to the royals on several occasions whilst with the Royal Navy, had to at least Show respect!! or else.
Thanks for calling.
Vest said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Vest said…

Vest said...
CA: back to the graveyard shift at the morgue? Time where you are must be coming near 1am.
Well Yankee doodle you are wrong on both counts "Slow thinker".
Firstly I was conceived in wedlock, unlike most Americans, so watch it mate.
Secondly you are wrong again, July 16 is the correct date.
My deceased sister was born July 15, 1928. ST Swithins Day.
Confusing isn't it.

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