Back again, plus ' oh no"

      Yes I am back, but for how often is more than a guess. Our new residence a Large four bed two B/r and large garage  lge kitch two reception a large garden in two parts with a 40 x 25 patio on one level is much better than our previous home, with plus A/C and overhead fans.
     I am not getting out much lately, mainly driving to the shops is my lot. Rosemary goes to care three days a week , which allows Chris our son and myself time to ourselves without constant interruptions., Rosemary's dementia is a problem but fortunately rosemary hasn't been walkabout for a while now that we have a secure perimeter.
.     I become exhausted fairly quickly and limit my activities to moderate exercise plus I still have a small degree of pain due to a recent procedure in my nether regions.
       We also have a Cleaning lady for two hours weekly and a gardener who averages one hour weekly < Rosemary has a lady who shower's her Three times each week and I do it in between when
necessary.  Chris does the laundry, and I am the Chief Chef,  I also feed the cats and generally look after myself.. Today is one of my free days Rosemary will be home soon, I now have to prepare dinner so I will finish this later.
      3 25 pm I hear Chris talking to Rosemary I come out of the bathroom and see her lying on the floor in pain , Chris was there when she fell over the step in the hallway..'
Oh dear; Rosemary is in strife the Ambulance was called several paramedics eventually moved her to a stretcher it seems she has a fracture above her right knee and hip, she was taken to hospital Chris has followed in the car, will let you know more  later.
Miss you All, Vest ....back soon


I am so sorry.
Rosemary is where she needs to be. Please look after yourself.
Anonymous said…
That is very bad news and I am sorry things aren't going better for you. It is good that you are happy in your new abode.
Debbie & John. said…
So sorry to hear the latest news about auntie Rose, am thinking of you all and hope she has a good recovery xxx
Christine said…
So sorry to hear this Uncle Les, please keep us informed. Sending all our love and best wishes to you all xxx
Dylan Bowyer said…
Oh dear indeed!

That's horrible that that happened, and I'm sorry for your pain.

I hope all the best happens to you both,

Lots of Love,

Vest said…
Rosemary is well and recovering from a Hip replacement Op in the Newcastle Hospital, which is the largest hospital in NSW- the size of Heathrow Airport.. Rosemary should be home within the next three days
, Sometime during her departure from here and the hospital her lower denture went missing, still looking! Chris is visiting today I am at home with a touch of collywobbles- may have been the KFC for din dins last night, but I am feeling much better right now,
Thank you all for calling, it is nice to have nice friends

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