1. Not impressed with John Hunter Hospital. They have lost Mum's bottom denture, don't make sure she has at least her top denture in when served meals, think that broccoli and carrots are soft food and give Mum a cup of hot water, tea bag and milk and expect her to be able to make her own tea. Duh! In addition, the unit manager Glenda comes across as an unbending hard case with tunnel vision. She gives not an iota of satisfaction that my concerns are being met - Even when things are obviously not! Further, she told me yesterday that Mum would be transferred to Wyong Hospital ASAP. However, I spoke to Wyong Hospital this morning and they said they have no record of a transfer request. When I told Glenda about this, she said no, a transfer request has definitely been made. Argh.
  3. Posted by Chris B. son of Vest.


Vest said…
What else do you expect; it is a public hospital.
Vest said…
By the time the day ends we will have travelled about 700 kls in our visiting trips to the hospital, and I doubt if Rosemary will remember us visiting, so sad.
I am so sorry and have spent more than enough time on the medical mayhem train.
I hope that you get some answers, and some better treatment. Soon.
Vest said…
E C. Tomorrow it will take 3.5 minutes to drive to Wyong hospital where Rosemary will be transferred and 5 minutes from the Carpark to her ward. saving 53 minutes off recent trips. Rosemary failed to consume any of her meal at 5-30 PM. It didn't seem to bother the staff. One wonders? Thank you Sue for calling.
PS. A former daughter in law named Sue, sent Rosemary 18 different coloured long stem roses plus chocolates, there was no sign of the chocs when we arrived . I like ladies named Sue, but not blokes named Sue.

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