I am back on line.

I shall not be posting for a while as there is so much more to do to settle in although finding a home for a half a garage full of miscellaneous  clutter will take time plus I have a visit to the local hospital planned for Thursday 11. I have been very poorly since the move - all due to the extra bodily activity which in turn has taken away about eight kilos - but as there are no stairs to climb I expect it will eventually return  Thank you all for your recent greetings,  my mailing address remains the same IE the PO box
Back soon ....Vest


Granny Annie said…
Thanks for the update. You are missed.
Look after yourself. We will be here when you are ready to return.
Hello Les. Glad to see you are back onlne. Must be very hard to move after many years spent at one abode. i have a summer house a greenhouse and a shed. I suppose most will be just junked when i go. Sorry to hear you are poorly.and hope you are soon feeling better. Give my love to rosemary. Edward Jones 183
Vest said…
Thank you all for your kind comments, I have just realised it is Wednesday that I go into hospital - plus the 75th anniversary of my joining the Brit Royal Navy at 15 yrs 5 moths of age. and wowsers griped about the Hitler youth, Winnie & CO were as bad.
Davoh said…
Hang in there laddie ... (yer, well, was never 'respectful' of me Elders).. heh.

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