Christmas Shopping..

.Christmas shopping for me these days hold few qualms, no lists and no what can I give is made simple by giving a monetary gift, providing of course should they visit their aged 93 year old grandfather if not no deal, in any case, it is now nineteen months since I last saw some of my grandchildren. Their parents will have access to this info shortly.

It seems the Christmas card debacle is over once again. but not without its questionable dealings with the large post office in my local shopping complex. It was on Thursday, November 29 a bad day for shopping being it was pension day for the frail and aged payday millionaires who crowd the shopping centre for their indulgent $4-00 Latte shots and other lavish spendings.

 Having circumnavigated the underneath carpark Several times I finally parked at a car wash section where the guys in charge said it was OK. Thanking them I then walked toward the Entrance and the elevator which was out of order and a two-minute climb was the next obstacle.
Having done the grocery shopping I returned to the car collected my Christmas cards and walked to the post office. On arrival at the post office, I posted a dozen or so cards in the mailing box, leaving ten local and thirteen overseas cards to be stamped and posted
. At the counter I asked the female person for my allowance of seniors local stamps and thirteen UK overseas stamps, she replied they had sold out of the discount stamps ( The same story every time I asked for them at all the post offices I visit). So I purchased ten Local stamps at 65 cents each and Thirteen UK at $2-30 each. I sat down at a table nearby and affixed said stamps but was short of three UK stamps; only ten had been supplied. I returned to the post office and informed them they had shortcomings with the supply namely Three  stamps costing me $6-90 the lady at the counter was adamant that she was right and I was to blame probably thinking I was old and stupid, and I  not pursuing the matter any further purchased another three stamps at a cost of $6-90.. So it seems in the washup of this dodgy deal three recipients of my fifty cent Christmas cards in the UK have nailed me for $4-60 postage each.
It seems a  long time since I have heard the old adage " The customer is always right".

Vest Daily gaggle.


Anonymous said…
It is terrible that you haven't seen your grandchildren for so long. For whatever the faults of the old style post offices, intimidating and stern grumpy staff, they were at least pretty efficient and I can't imagine them shortchanging anyone for stamps. Back then it would be so important that the books balanced at the end of the day.
Vest said…
Andrew. I would love to say this never happened - but unfortunately, it most certainly did.
Chris B said…
Took me back to the excitement of Christmas when I was young.

Never thought about it at the time but it always felt good visiting my grandparents and aunties and uncles.

I think there are far too many distractions these days and the real joy of youth is near completely lost.
anon lady. said…
If you were caught stealing a 50 cent postcard from the post office you would probably end up doing 90 days in the jail. but it seems stealing from customers is rife and tolerated as a genuine mistake.
Elsie Hanlin. said…
So sorry you got stiffed at the Post Office. I get the pensioner stamps too and use them for everything including Christmas Cards. I don't send any overseas anymore. I also give money type gifts, buying gift cards from stores I know my kids like, Dan Murphy's for the wine drinkers, JBHifi for the DVD collectors and so on. it's so easy that way and they get to choose their own product.
I have had issues at the Post Office too. Rather a lot of them.
I hope you do see your grandchildren soon.
I am (hopefully) about to start my Christmas shopping now that the flurry of visitors is over.
Andrew B said…
haha You forgot we came up in April
Ho Ho Ho see you soon
Vest said…
Thank you Chris B number one son.
Vest said…
Anon lady. One would have to be a complete NUT to nick a 50cent card.
Vest said…
Elsie Hanlin. Getting Stiffed? What a peculiar expression.Seems it could be used for other reasons.
Vest said…
E C. I have entered the Post office competition where one has to write and extoll the virtues of said P O organization. I put my Post in, for good measure. so it would be a doubtful contender for a prize in the light of my yarn...
Vest said…
Andrew B, Number four son. I am fully aware of your statement. It was intended to indicate to those who knew it meant them. good see you soon.
It's a shame you haven't seen your grandchildren for so long. It's the same with us and one set of our grandchildren, too. None of them live in our state, and they all... even our children... seem to think we'll "always be here," so there's "no rush" to visit. C'est la vie.

It's pretty crummy to get ripped off by the P.O. Sending snail mail has gotten expensive enough without padding the cost.
Vest said…
Susan Flett Swiderski. Sorry, I am late with my reply. Various family commitments have kept me all too busy. But there is good news. My son Chris and I will be Spending Christmas some two hours ride from here at my son David's residence in Richmond NSW surprise surprise.

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