Oh to be a King for a Day.

A beautiful day today ; similar to yesterday cool at night summery all day although winter here is three weeks hence. however, I did receive a wintry comment from a person I have become acquainted with for a while now who now reveals her Muslim upbringing to me when she vilified me and one of my posts relating to nothing more than statistical home truths. or just another of those ancient faith industry demons which surface from time to time from all religious followings. Get over it.

By ten am my circulation test had been a success and with no more MED Tests until November. her and I were on our way to shop at Aldi, It seems Aldi is the Mecca for all shoppers with brains, even Mercs were seen while driving around the Aldi car park twice - then giving it away and going to Coles instead. "Thank you for shopping at Coles" said the checkout chick with the big boobs as we were leaving Coles, 'Don't thank me thank Aldi having a full car park" say' I . then went to our mail box to pickup a parcel containing slippers (Pink) for erindoors Mums day pressie and the water bill for 392 bucks, tends to stuff up the day dunit?

Home about 1130, had early lunch - read the part of yesterday's Sydney Telegraph I missed and read a E M message I had overlooked as spam. It stated it was a pommy servicemen's blog and among other stupid crap said it was commemorating the end of WW2 on May 8, I then told them the WW2 ended On Aug 14 1945 Japan time and a few other things which would have annoyed them. As for the ship which arrived from Cape town with supplies for starving colonists on May 8 , I remembered reading that in the Telegraph' History on this day', it stated two days ago it had arrived on May 6 as well


Occasionally funny statements are made which provoke when uttered by women in particular this lady on another blog who stated (probably thinking of P M Gillard) That women were more forward thinking than men , my reply which received a .silly response was" That is why this weeks earnings were spent last week".

If any relatives of my Bro in Law Dick Are reading this, would you pop on over and clear his 'IN' box .( Poor Dick )seems to have given up on PC's.

The Queens press secretary has revealed that number one son Chas will be taking over most of the state visits requiring long haul flights overseas. Poor old good Queen Bess from the 3Pm Corgi and Bess Xmas show is finding that traveling Super first Class with every conceivable luxury Thrown in with extras can be a burden on her health as in colleywobbles an affliction appertaining only to Royals. The Queen reached 87 years of age last month*** two days after St Georges Day and two days before Anzac day.

We are still dilly dallying over our Long haul trip to the UK envisaged this year traveling cattle class and wondering will my 87 year old Bones be more up to it than Good Queen Bess and her Luxury travel arrangements. A decision will be made soon.

Oh to be a King for a day..

Vest back soon.

***Correction; Two days later came St Georges Day, it being two days before Anzac Day,


Chris B said…
While learning about responsive web design earlier this year it became apparent that I could no longer hold off on buying a smart phone and tablet. The reason being, smart phone and tablet emulators whilst giving a reasonable indication of result could not be entirely trusted. Anyway, the question then became, do I go Android or Apple? I thought about this for a while and because Apple is the most incompatible with file types including; GIF, PDF, SWF (Flash), VCF etc. I purchase an iPad and iPhone on the premise that if something works on them, it will probably work on everything else. What I didn't realise at the time though was how entirely cool these gadgets are, especially for someone who has difficulty using a laptop, desktop and the like... There is virtually no learning curve at all, and at the place where I work in IT for people with disabilities. They even use them.
Vest said…
I wonder who will spot the mistake.
Vest said…
Without a keyboard or calculator is leaving many school leavers without mental or writing skills.
Vest said…
Meaning the mistake on the post.
Vest said…
Maybe even G G is not smart enough for this one.
Read bottom of post later today.
Malcolm. said…
Dear Les & Rose
Many thanks for your email of 5 may. If you are still having trouble finding someone to do the driving for you on a trip to U.K.- we can help. We have talked it over with Vic & pam, and between us we will be happy to do the driving for you. Vic & Pam haven't got spare room in their house, but any time you want to spend in the Norfolk area, you will be more than welcome to stay with us. I am sure that between us we can drive anywhere you want to go, for any other visits in U.K.
Please let us know what you would like to do.
June & Malcolm
WALLY. said…
You must be loaded to be able to travel overseas vest.
never heard of cattle class.
Vest said…
Well for you Wally and those who have never heard of Cattle class.
It means sitting and occasionally sleeping in an uncomfortable seating arrangement and that is being polite, and for up to 14 hours plus on some of the legs of the journey.
Things like Deep veined thrombosis can occur in some susceptible persons; particularly the elderly meaning yours truly, and it can be a bit of a worry if you are not in a gangway seat which gives easier access to walk up and down or run on the spot in the toilet, circulation is a huge problem. but the Queen God bless her would not have an inkling of this. To avoid this you are able to travel Business class which would cost you about $3,000 more on the fare.
But you being a plumber a non smoker and a single Guy the extra would not be too bothersome.
When will you be going?
Lower deck lawyer. said…
Was reading about Mark Twain and how he acquired the name Marktwain.
Sally my wife said lets see if Vest has any idea.Mike.
Vest said…
LDL: the Question doesn't relate to this post, sort out of the blue is it? OK without research it (sounds) is that a pun?
Answer could be.
"Mark Twain" French, for "By the mark two" uttered by the leadsman when revealing the depth of the water in fathoms (6ft)from his position in the chains.
As in 2, 3, 10, leather.
5 and 15 white bunting, 7 and 17 red bunting 20 two knots.6 is called a deep, usually finishing at 25 fathoms, rarely beyond. Ok?

Probly up de Missy Sippy.
This is old superceded stuff rarely used now

Vest said…

Heaving the Lead, and Markings on a lead line

A lead weight hollowed out at the bottom is fitted to a lead line, so that it may be armed with tallow, this allows the nature of the bottom to be ascertained when a lead line is used by a seaman to find the depth of water when a ship is navigating in restricted or shallow water.

The lead line is a length of rope up to 50 fathoms long, ( a fathom is the term for 6 feet ) and this line is fitted to the lead weight, hence the expression "To heave the lead" which means to use a lead line line to find the water depth. This should not be confused with the term " Swinging the lead" which is used to describe a sailor who is lazy.

On either side of a ship about adjacent to the bridge there is a small platform, with protective chain on three sides connected to small stanchions these e are known as "The chains"

On entering or leaving harbour, or in restricted waters a seaman mans the starboard chains, he holds the lead line coiled in his left hand, and takes a length of the line in his right hand, with the lead weight secured to its end, he swings this line in an arc over his head several times, letting it go on the forward swing.

As the ship moves forward and the lead line is vertical, he reads the depth showing on the line just above water level, and calls out this depth in a loud clear voice.

To allow the seaman to read the water depth, the lead line is marked as follows:

2 fathoms from the lead - 2 strips of leather.

3 fathoms from the lead - 3 strips of leather.

5 fathoms from the lead - a piece of white cloth.

7 fathoms from the lead - a piece of red cloth.

10 fathoms from the lead - a piece of leather with a hole in it.

13 fathoms from the lead - a piece of blue cloth.

15 fathoms from the lead - same as for 5 fathoms.

17 fathoms from the lead - same as for 7 fathoms.

20 fathoms from the lead - small line with 2 knots.

25 fathoms from the lead - small line with 1 knot.

30 fathoms from the lead - small line with 3 knots.

35 fathoms from the lead - small line with 1 knot.

40 fathoms from the lead - small line with 4 knots.

Vest Say's even in my days at sea this was purely and simply an evolution to amuse "old Salts' and totally unnecessary with new tech available.

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