RE Bob on third world county

Bob, note, you cannot win an argument on the blog third world county, people try but leave in distress.
Prior to yesterday only four people dared go on dave's blog over his past seven posts. which is a fair indication.
Bob: poor david is having his usual rant, david always has the last word and uses abuse to get his point over, you should remember that in future, also david is really a nice person but has yet to find that unknown factor which sets him off.
However, no one can be as calculatedly rude as the British, which amazes Americans like dear old dave bless his cotton socks - they do not understand studied insult and can only offer abuse as a substitute
Have a lovely day my dear friend  David , don't eat too many bananas. Vest.


Vest said…
David T W C. I wish to pay you a complement. You must understand that it was not of your choice you came into our world and to iteract with normaly adjusted persons. it would seem you slipped through the cordon of general decency and other desirable human habits, eventually your ravings and nonsensical gesticulations have turned you into an outcast, people are sick of your bogus unwarranted superiority claims.

.Granted you may have a more knowledgeable grasp of the written word, well bully for you and that is exactly what you are a word Bully other than that you are a miserable litte tyke living a grubby little life promoting the use of habit forming substances and deriding all others who fail to equal your disgusting qualities. I recently came across a film which could possibly give you some egoistic pleasure by raving enthusiastically with the persons portrayed therein Q; Are you a relative of a certain Mr Shickelgruber? Fini. Have a thoughtful day and get well soon
Vest said…
It seems that David from Third W county is adding weight to his theatrical and abusive musings by borrowing the assistance of a ghost writer from a non existent blog. 'Perri Nelson'.
Seems david is living in fairyland and actually believing in himself.
My access to T W C is being denied for obvious reasons.
Vest said…
I'll go as far to say that, from my search on the T W C blog, none of his callers except from a person named Bob and from my blog source are genuine.

Seems he david of T W C manufactures his own blog comments.
The guy is living in fairy land
Vest said…
David TWC : Sorry I cannot post your recent message, remember my Grand children read this blog.

David. I have to admit that, trying to compete with your glossary of anti
social gibberish coupled with that of a compilation of sailors filthy
expletives, beat any efforts of mine to insult you. Being you are a non
biblical person and myself a righteous person , makes it difficult for me to
insult you in the manner you deserve. However, I shall pray for your
salvation, and hope the lord will listen and lead you into the path of
righteousness and away from your life of misery and the depths of hell. now
go to bed and ask the almighty for forgiveness for being a naughty boy
please leave it at that and get well soon. regards hopefully your ex
antagonist , L.
WALLY. said…
Hi vesty , having Probs i see, My mum says either youve seen the light or your pulling a dinger on someone with your religous palaver.
Vest said…
Wally: tell your dear old mum my ecclesiastical leanings have not budged from any previously held assumptions on such matters, but some matters require temporary access to the lord in order to assist in the removal of a problem only God could deal with.

Is'nt it nice to see the sunshine again, I feel more cheerful today.
Vest said…
David it seems there is going to be no end to your ranting and raving and
like the little terrier you are snapping away at the big dog one day the big
dog will get seriously pissed off with the little dog and bite his head
off. So be kind to yourself, the whole world now is aware of your serious
mental problem please go away and get remedial help. get well soon. All
future messages from you will be deleted unread, please don't waste your
remaining days in a nut house, get help., seriously I mean it , les.BTW All
the world hates a show off david and unfortunately that is your great
problem, stop nit picking.
Vest said…
Something weird is going on, seems every where blogs are in a strange language, It seems to be Malaysian, maybe.
Some clever dick stirring the Can.
Vest said…
I suppose someone must have the last word. and the last few words from David the dill will no doubt be blasphemous and uncomplimentary. It is something that will be experienced by all those who have the great misfortune to have been in or will be in close contact with David, a frightful experience.
Adios ye purveyor of misery.

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