Saint David the Pompous Yankee.

Saint David the cranky yankee, has no particular religious calling which is hardly surprising or he would be doing penance most of his waking hours. The quaint derby hat perched on his noddle has little ecclesiastical significance apart from protecting the egotistical bump it covers.
When thwarted in argument his wringing hands drop the tear stained tissues in the can -the noise from which helps drown his quarking east river tenement utterances. His improper English sprinkled with ers and even errors in his sentences as liberally he gives out his twisted-mouth smiles; his lips pulled not down,but to the side, and his head lies on one side or the other , but never straight on the end of . his neck, he has the air of a man full with disbelief of others and one who occasionally could not believe what he had heard or what he himself was saying.
The art of accommodating himself to different sorts of people..was lackadaisical..his pliability of address I perceive to be his inconsistent self induced majestic mind which could squeeze less thought into more words than anyone else I know.
In facetious homage to the smallness of his talk and the jerky nature of his manners, his familiars and myself have hereby bestowed upon him the dubious title  Sir Nonsuch 'The Headless'.

Remember; No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.

Vest..... Back soon.

Sat Oct 18. Further info filtering in from the States indicate the above mentioned bloke ? - a diminutive dwarf was micro chipped on his shoulder at birth and being demonised by all he took to the pen instead of the sword, his/her embittered epistles and hateful scribblings became known as the pennilies of davinia(His/ her gay monica)the morbid .
Twoud seemeth that Davinia lived in a house on a one way street where righteous persons walked or drove in their tumbrels on the right side of the said street. Davina was firmly secured to the steel stanchion in her room for fear of her-his ? escape being his/her dodgy parentage was some suggested to be that of a drunken republican senator and a uncaring mater who upon seeing what she had disgorged from her body gave him-her into the care of drunken dyslectic morlock dwarves.
The crowds in the one way street mocked Davinia as he-she screamed grotesquely from the closed window  of her prison where he-she was doomed to spend the rest of his - her meaningless and selfish  life focussed in  one direction within a third world environment. Fini.

Lies are essential to humanity.They play perhaps as greater role as the pursuit of pleasure, and are indeed controlled by this pursuit,and after all what is a lie but the truth in masquerade..

Finally, David of  T W C  is simply likened to  an angry old selfish Bigot frustrated by the fact his only  possession is a Fork, while living in a land of Soup..



Jane, Stokes-Honour. said…
I will be away from my computer until the morning of the 20th of October and will get back to you as soon as possible.
WALLY. said…
Hi vesty, is that guy for real
Vest said…
Wally: he certainly is of flesh and blood and possibly human, which is so sad.
Did your mother receive the package I sent?
WALLY. said…
Our Mum did get the parcel she says ta.

Anyhow who is Jane with the posh name
Vest said…
Wally. You are out of luck. Jane is my neice, she is spoken for and lives in Bicester Oxfordshire England.
Anonymous said…
Interesting. I note that you do not provide any links to the work of the reviled yankee. That seems a bit cowardly.
Vest said…
Anonymous:Interesting as you say. But it would seem thou art cowardly too, and to wit not less cowardly than I for posting anonymously.
However, most persons who have encountered the person you have enquired about would not have the need to ask such a silly question. Goodbye.Or try again.
Lower deck lawyer. said…
Vest . You have mentioned this character previously, have been to his blog but only to read. Best beware of these types of zany hot heads lest they send in the troops. Mike.
Anonymous said…
Your cringeworthy post has not attracted many comments.
Vest said…
Anon: which is not unlike your posts. there are people who fear becoming involved with you in any form, thereby not providing, info.

BTW,.I slept for 8.5 peaceful hours last night, how did you go?

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