The Perils of Thugby and AFL contact sports.

     The eventual reward for  ancient gladiators  was a painful death after a short career in dealing out death to lesser opponents. Despite a privileged life of short term wealth and the circus of events both ups and downs, our present day gladiators  are mainly  huge mutton head ex school bully's who failed to find a slot in the normal bounds of society, these guys off the field of play dress in  formal wear at their boozatoriums where modest people become targets for their drunken rants. the lunatic fringe who follow these louts and or people with brain dead pretentious traits who suck up to these morons are just food for the footy louts and the groveling journo's who write nonsensical bilge  about these goons .
     So you now believe I have no feeling for this bunch of nut heads - well you are wrong.
I feel sorry for those who have retired from these contact sports - some of whom are seen riding in wheelchairs in sports clubs around the country collecting empty drink glasses from patrons; they are some of the lucky ones.
      Recent reports regarding the general health of retiring sports persons - particularly  those previously mentioned suggest will become stricken  with debilitating brain disorders earlier and more than twice as often as the general population. A few of these guys will die on the field, some will be injured for life, however, both the league and other sporting bodies and leading players lawyers expect 28% of players to develop Alzheimer's disease or moderate dementia earlier than
that of the general population
      My advice is; if you are a devotee to the silly games  keep it a visual thing or join the army if you seek violence, you may even qualify for an elusive gold card.

Cassius Clay AKA Muhammad Ali wrote.
'He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing"

 I believe it was written before he became brain dead.
Vest .....Back soon.


I don't even like watching it. Way too violent for my tastes.
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