Apri !st, Easter Sunday, All fools day. But when?

NO not this year. It was way back in 1945, 66 years ago, but indelible in my mind as if it were yesterday, something you  you don't wish to summon up as a recurring dream but unforgotten nevertheless.
(Google - OPERATION ICEBERG), approx ten weeks of gory death and destruction during the lead up to and including the invasion of Okinawa on April 1.
 My action station on the Air defence platform - exposed to the max; up high in the ship, a dreadful job, and the only redeeming thought was that I was far too young to die.
However about 45,000 Americans died and a mere 2,500 British copped it too.
Ah well! it was not for the faint hearted , the ship and crew I was serving with  had been in commission for two years at that time in question, and the average age of our crew nineteen years of age, I was just eighteen and a bit..... Great wages then, Five bob a day plus bug laden  food and shelter. Those were the days!!


Jimmy said…
Keshi is preg, I heard
u r being named
Vest said…
Jimmy: Yes it's true,'Twins' born yesterday.
Jimmy - you were one of them, A F.
Vest said…
Not expecting too many comments from Jimmy today.
Jimmy will be at the WANKHEDE Stadium in Mumbai (Bombay).
Wankhede pronounced (Wonkheed)'I fink.
I recall a few years back 'ROBBO' (Clive) on steam radio suggesting all cricket stadiums Were wankhead stadiums.
Oh yea it is the world cup O D final, on right now, back later with the result.
WALLY. said…
Jimmy born yesterday!!!! be about right.
Jimmy said…
I m on my PC
not wanking at Wankhede

and I dont give a damn If India WINS or LOOSEs

I say CHAK DE India with Sharukh Khan
lets play a fast game of Hockey and Football (soccerr)

the Bloody British brought this 5day game to INDIA

just 90 mins to WIN or LOOSE

Thanks to PACKER
he shortened it to one day

by the way ticket are selling for 150 K in black
Jimmy said…

I and Sharukh Khan

we pray that INDIA gets thrashed by Sri Lanka
and the Sports Ministry

carves the cricket bat into a Hockey Stick

We dont need Sachin Tendulli
we want Dhanraj Pillay

Jimmy said…
The Mexican maid asked for a pay increase. The wife was very upset about this and decided to talk to her about the raise.

She asked: "Now Maria, why do you want a pay increase?"

Maria: "Well, Señora, there are tree reasons why I wanna increaze."

"The first is that I iron better than you."

Wife: "Who said you iron better than me?"

Maria: "Jor huzban he say so."

Wife: "Oh yeah?"

Maria: "The second reason eez that I am a better cook than you."

Wife: "Nonsense, who said you were a better cook than me?"

Maria: "Jor hozban did"

Wife increasingly agitated:

"Oh he did, did he???"

Maria: "The third reason is that I am better at sex than you in the bed."

Wife, really boiling now and through gritted teeth.

"And did my husband say that as well?"

Maria: "No Señora......The gardener did."

Wife: "So how much do you want?"
Vest said…
India Won The game. Not necessarily expected, even though they out number Sri Lankans by about 70 to one.

Time wasting sport has no end product apart from keeping fit or ending up in a wheel chair.
Jimmy said…
Yes it is unfair to rest of the WORLD

we have 1.2 Billion Indians who play CRICKET all the year round

and Pakistanis only 36 Million
and Sri Lanka just 3 Million
Vest said…
Jimmy: Try these for Size.

INDIA, !.4 billion.

PAKISTAN, 166 million

SRILANKA, 22 million

AUSTRALIA, 23 million.

LOTLWCNZ. 4.3 million.
Jimmy said…
r your figures Authentic?
based on latest census?
Vest said…
All sensus up to date with 2 percent added.

Q/2, Ans,Land of the long white cloud, Pronounced Nuzillind.
Vest said…
Cocked up. read 'C' not S in Sensus (Census)Makes cents or should I say sense.
Elisabeth said…
missing you loads please can you tell aunty rosemary that i miss her and christopher that i miss him miss you lot loads.
Jimmy said…
no body misses my body

I guess bcoz I am all ways here

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