Will P E T A get in on the act, or leave it to Greenie Peter Garret

GREENIE Peter Garrett a "warbling twit" has got the wrong Oil on this occasion.
This bang clang midnight rocker long past his UBD, has wilfully suggested that a parrot is far more important in this recession than putting the jobs of 1000 timber workers at risk.
The Federal Government has ordered the clear felling of red gum trees to cease in the Central Murray-Darling region, near the New South Wales town of Deniliquin, because of concerns about the future of the bird.

The parrot - listed nationally as "vulnerable" - nests in the hollows of red gums.
But an Opposition Environment spokesman said the move to protect the birds was overkill.
"There are a lot of them out there, and the birds were well managed by the local timber industry".

The vulnerable people were the workers whose jobs were about to be extinct.
If Environment Minister Peter Garrett won't reverse his decision then Prime Minister Kevin Rudd could overrule him. This could prove to be the litmus test for P M Kevin Rudd. who is supposedly hell bent on job security at all costs

The NSW Government has expressed concern over the order to stop timber production.

"It actually gives me a great deal of delight to agree with the NSW Government on something,"
"As one person put it to me this morning, you've got the warbling twit protecting the green leak parrot but sacrificing 1000 jobs,
I expect the other PETA will soon join the fray for all the wrong reasons".

Soon I shall be emailing out a interesting video on the Chinese Fur Trade for all to see in all its GORY (no L missing)

Seems I am burning the midnight oil too, its tomorrw already, should I say 'Goodnight' or 'Good morning'. Vest.


Anonymous said…
If the parrot is thriving then it seems madness to sacrifice that many jobs. Hopefully common sense will prevail.
frog said…
Zounds I fink that Garrett bloke must be a parrot in disguise feathering his nest like all pollies
Vest said…
Oh well, It seems I have stirred up the greenies with well paid jobs who love pretty pollies and well may they say to their brothers "Stuff you jack I'm alright".

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