Welfare Poem

I cross ocean, poor and broke,

Take bus, see employment folk.

Nice man treat me good in there,

Say I need to see welfare.

Welfare say, "You come no more,

We send cash right to your door."

Welfare cheques, they make you wealthy,

Medic aid it keep you healthy!

By and by, I got plenty money,

Thanks to you, Australian dummy.

Write to friends in motherland,

Tell them 'come fast as you can.'

They come in turbans and Ford trucks,

I buy big house with welfare bucks

They come here, we live together,

More welfare checks -- it gets better!

Fourteen families, they moving in,

But neighbour's patience wearing thin.

Finally, white guy moves away,

Now I buy his house, and then I say,

"Find more aliens for house to rent."

And in the yard I put a tent.

Send for family they just trash,

But they, too, draw the welfare cash!

Everything is very good,

And soon we own the neighbourhood.

We have hobby, it's called breeding,

Welfare pay for baby feeding.

Kids need dentist? Wife need pills?

We get free! We got no bills!

Australian crazy! He pay all year,

To keep welfare running here.

We think Australia darn good place!

Too darn good for the white man race.

If they no like us, they can scram,

Got lots of room in Pakistan!

It is interesting that the federal government provides a single refugee with a monthly allowance of $1,890.00 and each can also get an additional $580.00 in social assistance for a total of $2,470.00.

This compares very well to a single pensioner who after contributing to the growth and development of Australia for 40 to 50 years only receives a monthly maximum of $1,012.00 in old age pension and Guaranteed Income Supplement.

Maybe our pensioners should apply as refugees!

Let's send this to all Australians so we can all be ticked off and maybe we can get the refugees cut back to $1,012.00 and the pensioners up to $2,470.00 and enjoy some of the money we were forced to submit to the Government over the last 40 or 50 years.

Please forward to every Australian to expose what our elected politicians are doing - to the over-taxed Australian.


Keshi said…
I agree...Aussie govt is too generous with Refugees than with the Citizens!

Anonymous said…
To desire and strive to be of some service to the rest of the world, to aim at doing something which shall really increase the happiness and welfare of mankind - this is a choice which is possible for all of us: and surely it is a good haven to sail for.
Rachel said…
Actually ... I got that SAME email the other day ... except with American in the place of Australian. ;-/
That's outrageous! That's the same as I get for LTD after teaching school for 29 years in Canada!

Quite a story you wrote on Jocelyn's O Mighty Crisis. Life is a mystery sometimes. Hope you found real happiness and affection after that was over.
Anonymous said…
u bigoted racist
this is Gods earth
before nations put up boundaries

we can live whereever we want to
Keshi said…
Saby stop howling :)

Anonymous said…
Thursday, July 20, 2006
Us and Them

, , as long as we have borders and cuntries as long as skin colours vary
as long as caste and creeds exist

as long as we have 2 genders
as long as the world is not ONE

we will have US and DEM
dats not a bad ting really

as long as we live in harmony
a music composition or a band

or a football team
have differentiations in the team

the forwards
the defence and the goalie
but the team is one

and in cuntries the concept of citizens and aliens but we can still be different and live in harmony
At 5:28 PM, saby said...
the division starts at family leveland extends to extended familythen village and townthen StateJAI MAHARASHTRAand then JAI HINDHence Jesus preachedleave brother sister father mother and follow meto LOVE ALL in equal measure

Posted by Jim at 12:45 AM
Vest said…
Keshi: Seems Saby is on a downer mood swing once again, would you explain to him how to spell the word country.

Anon lib polly: people of this this country would also be included in those of the rest of the world. we have peole living on struggle street and you it seems expect them to fork out their hard earned in the form of taxes to support bludgers entering this country who have no skills and little hope of employment, I suggest we should insist, that all pollies should provide
succour to half a doz of these persons within their own homes, and at their own expense.

ah, Rachel 22 a soon to be bride, thanks for calling. (she is one pretty lady).

Mother of invention: Thanks for calling and thank you for your good wishes, I have replied to this on your blog.

Anonymous: Racial Bigotry abounds every where, each and every one of us is affected in one way or another, protecting our ideals traditions and faiths. the Miscellaneous faith industries and their differing illogical opinions have been and still are the greatest source of friction between the numerous racial differentials of our unhappy world.

No you cannot live anywhere you please silly, that is why the vast majority of countries issue visa's and passports, But you could try South Georgia-Falkland isles, Spitzbergen or Siberia.

Anon (2): We have another sermon from Jim or is it Saby, on another B P downer, listen old mate, would you kindly learn to spell the word Country correctly, probably born under one and not a gooseberry bush.
Vest: Thanks very much! He'd call you young too! Age is all relative..I was born in '53!
Yes, our cats rule the yard.

You have had a very interesting life. Those were special times. My dad has many stories of his days as a pilot of a Lancaster Bomber in England during the war.

You have been blessed with many young family members! It is wonderful that you are writing it...a legacy to pass on down through your family.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007
Jim said…
Get out of bed u old geezer
its morning
Anonymous said…
I know many people born under a cuntree opposed to a gooseberry bush, can't say that I have seen either, can you describe. Mike.
Anonymous said…
Forwarded message ----------

Date: Thu, 09 Aug 2007 07:56:30 +0530
Subject: Fw: 10 ways to find out when you became Old..
To: Vest

>Subject: Fw: 10 ways to find out when you became Old..
>Subject: 10 ways to find out when you became Old……
>"OLD" IS WHEN . Your sweetie says, "Let's go upstairs and make love," and
>you answer, "Pick one; I can't do both!"
>"OLD" IS WHEN ... Your friends compliment you on your new alligator shoes
>and you're barefoot.
>"OLD" IS WHEN ... A sexy babe catches your fancy and your pacemaker opens
>the garage door.
>"OLD" IS WHEN ... Going braless pulls all the wrinkles out of your face.
>"OLD" IS WHEN ... You don't care where your spouse goes, just as long as
>you don't have to go along.
>"OLD" IS WHEN ... You are cautioned to slow down by the doctor instead of
>by the police.
>"OLD" IS WHEN ... "Getting a little action" means you don't need to take
>any fiber today
>"OLD" IS WHEN ... "Getting lucky" means you find your car in the parking
>"OLD" IS WHEN ... An "all nighter" means not getting up to use the
>"OLD" IS WHEN ... You are not sure these are jokes.

Vest said…
LDL Mike Gooseberry Bush: 3-4ft high, pale green fruit roundish 1 inch x 2 inch circ, with tiny hairs - tangy taste we called them guzgogs when kids.
No info on C-tree, use your noddle, but born under a gooseberry bush inferred you were illegitimate, or is there another answer, any ideas anyone?

BTW: Info only on gooseberry bush.
Anonymous said…
Ive been away with family to Queensland ten days , youv'e been busy - lots of nice girlies tracking you I see, and of course your fave loony from India and he is not using the f word , busy unpacking and going to club with BF tonight, see ya, kate xxx.
Keshi said…
Saby it doesnt work when it comes to Tax-payers' money. Countries operate on economies...we need to take that into consideration too.

Agreed, we must love one another and be able to live anywhere we want on this Earth...but not everyone thinks like John Lennon. UNFORTUNATELY.


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