Words on Wednesday

Words supplied By E C. This week are the following..

Lever. Poison. Fragrance. Between. Immediate. Oven.

 Titled  'Lovers Weed". with a final twist.

      Using a long stick to *lever the *poison weeds from *between the hedgerow. Betty wore her gardening gloves to finally gather them and use them for the time honoured method of offloading unwanted husbands.
     On returning home Betty was delighted with the *fragrance coming from the *oven,  the cake she had made from the weeds was bound to be tasty and gobbled up quickly due to it's must have more taste. But there was no *immediate rush.
      A few days later, Betty and her Husband Fred were invited to dinner By Fred's boss and the father of Daisy, Fred's new love interest. The Dinner was plentiful and Bettys Boxed cake was given to Daisy who saved it for a forthcoming visit from Fred.
      It was two days later when Daisy and Fred devoured the delicious cake after a romp in Daisy's  Boudoir, later, drifting off to everlasting sleep.
      The coroner's verdict, "Death due to excess Copulation"

Betty and her several lovers lived happily ever after..

Vest  Daily Gaggle.com.


Is it wrong of me to say HOORAY for Betty? If it is, tough because I am saying it.
Vest said…
EC. the story is a statement of fact not we should condone any part of it. I can understand not having a positive response. Thanks for calling.
Ted a Fred said…
Probably a bit too saucy for the oldies vest it's called smut. Ted a Fred
Vest said…
Tedafred. Get lost, it is simply a story.
Elsie Hanlin. said…
ELSIE HANLIN> I love the story! and the new scooter looks great! I see a lot of them around here, most seem to be red, it's a favourite colour I suppose.
Lee said…
Vest..I must apologise...I've been very remiss....I'd not noticed your past couple of posts...It's so nice to have you back. :)
Vest said…
Elsie. I am glad that you liked my story and at least two people enjoyed the cake, I wonder what it really tasted like.No one will ever know.
Vest said…
LEE. Only a few people have noticed my return after five months of medical problems. no need to apologize you are too nice for that. I have read your last post which was lovely.
Cindi said…
hell hath no baking skills like a woman scorned! Well done!
Cindi said…
and I am also very glad you are doing much better.
Vest said…
Thank you, Cindy. I shall give you a call soonest.
Malcolm Prior. said…
Hi les
Good to see you’re back, and that you’ve got your new wheels! It certainly looks an impressive machine. As well as being quieter than the car, and no parking charges. It will be a lot cheaper to run. I presume you still have to have insurance on it. I hope you soon get your other cataract fixed.
we are still getting on OK, but June is still suffering with severe depression, but I am hoping that she will soon start a new course of treatment, and get her life back on track.
I hope all the rest of your family are doing well.
Best wishes,
Vest said…
Hello Malcolm. It is Nice to hear from you although the info regarding June was not expected Give June our kind regards- We hope that she will recover soon. The red devil has a range of approx 55 km and may be driven on the pedestrians footpaths at 8 mph or 15 mph on the road. the total cargo plus myself max 185 kilos.
I am now in a state of recovery after a miscellaneous bag of health problems, is nice to be back in circulation once more. hope all goes well for June and yourself in the future. regards LES.

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