Words on Wednesday

These words this week were supplied by "Elephants Child" and are.
Sleeping, Burnt, Broken, Undercover, Swallows, Universe,

Titled 'Childhood summers'.

     * Sleeping out on warm English Summer nights required a little forethought.  A hot sun *burnt day quite often was followed by a shower or a good drenching of rain.
     The small tent was erected on the grass strip (Lawn). which lay at the rear of the house, and the *Undercover of the eaves would provide some protection from any sudden downpour of rain. However, observing the stars in the *Universe would imply that rainfall would not occur on a cloudless night.
      Having one's sleep *broken by unfamiliar sounds in the surrounds of the campsite would give young children a sense of fear making many a camp out a disaster.
      Then it happened, A Tap Tap Tap on the canvas was heard; then another followed a continued tapping, nothing could be seen outside of the tent and a sudden fear of the unknown prevailed, who was tapping on the tent and giving us the shivers.
      After a while, the tent was abandoned, it's campers fleeing indoors to the safety of their comfortable beds.
       The following morning we discovered that the tapping noises were the result of our summer visitors the migrating *Swallows nesting under the eaves of the house who had a habit of not pooing in their own nest.

Vest Daily Gaggle.


messymimi said…
What fun adventures those boys had!
Vest said…
MessyMimi. Fun in an isolated village off the grid and an outside pump for water and of course the shed with seating arrangements the Dunny. thanks for calling.
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Vest said…
After the dose of vitriolic criticism in the previously deleted comment, seems to me I should desist from writing or change to more outward going tales of immorality and such, Sorry Sherlock; I am not into that. then I wonder are you British? the term Bonking first uttered by PM Maggie Thatcher seems to point in that direction. here is another brit saying "GO AND GET STUFFED".
I bet the English summer are lovely. I also take part in Words for Wednesday.
If you have time stop by for a cup of coffee.
Vest said…
Peppy lady. Thank you for calling. Yes, the English summers are a delight to behold when the weather is just right but they are brief and an old saying is I wonder if summer will be on a Tuesday this year, I seem to remember it happened on a Friday last year. I shall pop over to your Blog tomorrow as it is getting late here,:)
Lee said…
Good job, Vest...very descriptive. :)

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