Words for Wednesday.

Welcome. Expecting. Trigger. Essential.  Taller. Moving.

A friend passing by during the evening told us he was in town. It was *essential we remained Alert,
We had been *expecting the un-*welcome *trigger happy guy to call on us after his release from prison.  Much* taller  than most men, his head was *moving above the bushes when I popped up my hat with the Floor mop above the window sill, It was then he was exposed when he fired and received  my calling card, "Gotcha."

Vest Daily Gaggle.


Lee said…
Top shot! Spot on, Vest! :)
Ted a Fred said…
You will always be battling for comments on a female-dominated blogosphere. Fred.
Vest said…
Yesterday Monday I had my left cataract surgery, I am a trifle sore so No Words this week. I Shall be absent from Friday until Tuesday 8th.
Vest said…
Thank you, Lee, you are so kind.

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