Dunces: Facebookers - Time Wasters.

For ages now we have known the truth that the true cause of the global financial crisis is that too many of us have been too busy wasting employers time on 'Face book' to do any actual work.
Observations by employers when approaching employees would frequently notice hurried clicking to cover up non office activity such as face book photo galleries about ("our overseas holiday") with Excel spreadsheets of public hospital funding.
It is a well established fact that 70 percent of Face booking students had lower grades than the non - Face bookers.
I recently heard that some universities have set up Face book sites so students can find out for themselves if they are Face book addicts, which is like boosting AA numbers by having a happy hour.
Anyhow,feel free to blog with me about this anytime you are at work.


Anonymous said…
Most employers should have installed Watchdog by now. Ours has. It shows all the sites tapped into by work computers and the originating computer. No where to hide in blogland really.
Vest said…
If what Aggie say's is true, very soon we will experience a marked improvement in world economic growth.
Malcolm, P said…
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Keshi said…
Apparently Facebook, Twitter and blogger r allowed to be used at work cos it boosts productivity :) Stats say so and Employers hv agreed (recent newspaper article). All humans need a lil break from work u see.

But if it's 24/7, then obviously something is wrong!

And this comment comes from home lol!

Jimmy said…
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Jimmy said…
Americans have a 5 day week
and the best day in the week is Friday

plenty coffee breaks
not so in India and China

we work 20x7

in Marwari companies
no holidays for Diwali, Holi or XMas
Jimmy said…
time wasters??

WORK is a waste of TIME
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Jimmy said…
Be strong honey. I love you, too."
Jimmy said…
too late

Chrysler and Ford and GM have gone bust

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lower deck lawyer. said…
It doth seem that poor Jimmy is having one of his dreaded turns for the worse. Mike.
Vest said…
Thanks everyone for your comments.
Having a domestic chore weekend, plus some gardening. Hope you all have a good start to the coming week.

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