Words on Wednesday.

Todays Words on Wednesday.


                My story is about  Bill Smith and His wife Mary who live on a small (ISLAND) down the coast where the population is small until the (FLOOD)  Of vacationers and sales (FIENDS) arrive in their boatloads for a weekend of fishing and trying their best to sell you Solar panels in an attempt to (FIX) up your (PRIMITIVE) lifestyle, However, Bill and Mary Smith  are having none of these (IMPOSTERS) Who are intent on disrupting their (PRIMITIVE) lifestyle as the salespeople refer to their down to earth style living arrangements, Bill and Mary have become accustomed to living without television, radio and other electrical devices except for the Gas fuelled Barby and a supply of beer BILL say's "No Aussie should be deprived of.". Bill Say's "" Gdday".

Vest back soon.



Good one Vest. Thank you for joining us again.
Vest said…
Well that was nearly a waste of time !!
Vest said…
E C, Thank you for your kind words.
River said…
Did you write this at Delores blog too? I'm sure I read it there or maybe at EC's.
It's a good story, I like it.
Vest said…
River. Yes it was posted on Delores blog. Thank you for your king words.
baili said…
I am liking the story line. Specially idea about life without electric devices attracted me .
Enjoying the life in old peaceful way
Vest said…
baili. Thank you for your comment. I have been off line for the past week, will call soon.

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