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 This is my story
                             He being an officer and a gentleman in the Brigade of Guards Major Ronald Trump -Worthy had little difficulty unconsciously flouting his (EXPRESSIVE) (CHARM), he being of(NOBLE) birth Major Trump - Worthy would not deem it to be (ODD) being considered the (BIGGEST)  bigot in the mud and slush of the British trenches, when he ordered his batman to keep the (SHINE) on his boots,; whatever the cost.
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River said…
Very hard to keep the shine on boots when conditions are muddy.
I feel sorry for the batman in this case.
I wish this was fiction, but I have heard of too many Trump-Worthies. And they would more accurately be described as Worthless.
Great use of the prompts.
Vest said…
River & E C. People of his ilk had little consciousness when dealing with persons in the lower order of importance.
MOVIES which were deemed unsuitable to be shown on RN ships were many. such as "UP the creek" 'Mutiny on the bounty' and particularly so "Billy Budd" the movie I watched alone this evening while Er in doors snored.

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