To create perfection takes time. Dissatisfaction within your Marriage or Recognised Partnership known as the 'Seven Year itch, allegedly occurs after seven years of marriage. The pace of modern life being what it is , we seem to have accelerated the process and are hitting the seven year distance within one year, and it seems more couples are unhappiest during their first year of togetherness than those which follow. The phrase honeymoon period' clearly needs rethinking, but it is still worth considering why there should be so much dissatisfaction so early. Possibly it may be due to our present day culture being so demanding of every thing being immediate. However, most happily married couples know that perfection takes time. Give it more than one year at least. ....................................................................................... WHAT IS A HUSBAND. A Husband is a man you really like and really love - he's the closest friend you've ever had.... A HUSBAND is that special man who shares your dreams for a wonderful future. He gives the special meaning to that beautiful word - Together. It really doesn't matter where we are or what we are doing so long as we have each other to share it all.   But that is where the dream ends. My wife has dementia she is eight years my junior, very little communication  ever gets acknowledged,, from our waking  hours and mid sleep I am at her beck and call , I am now responsible for all matters shopping, cooking and cleaning except for a visit every F/N by a cleaning lady $60-00 and a lawn mowing guy once a month $ 40-00, On Mon & Wed I pay $72-00 for my wife to vanish for five hours, last week they were used for health visits hence little time for any blogging action.. In between these responsibilities  I bring her breakfast in bed  see to her dental and personal cleanliness IE washing showering and providing her with clean clothing. colouring her hair  brushing her hair and a frequent visit to the Hairdresser,BTW in the past year according to my doc I have lost 17 kilos, I also suffer back pain more frequently, laying flat momentarily between chores helps, It matters little what TV programme is showing in the evenings  Rosemary sleeps through it all; and I suppose I shall be doing this until the end of my days simply because I love her, and that is all that matters.

 Just don't give upon trying to-do what you really want to do. Where there is love and inspiration, I don't think you can go wrong.
 Vest.... Back soon.


Thank you Vest.
Not an easy job, but I am glad you do it with love. And I am also glad you get some time to yourself (even if it does get swallowed up in medical matters). Take care.
Anonymous said…
Well, my eyes did more than just get wet. I am impressed that you keep her dignity by maintaining her personal appearance. You as the older should be the one being cared for, not your eight year younger wife. My Mother's anger with my step father for dying before she did is ongoing. Relationships are never easy but there comes a point where you have been together so long, if you don't feel love, you at least feel obligation.
Vest said…
Andrew. Shortly after I had posted this today , I looked up and thought "she is late today, Some times the become held up in the traffic or for some other unseen reason".
Today it was raining when she arrived home ; the door was open so her carers let her in without ringing the bell, after the carers left she wandered down the road unbeknown to me .I had waited for about a half hour; until a lady we lived next door to ten years ago saw her a few streets away and brought her home, this is the 5th time she has gone walkabout this year, all is well , thank you for your call.
River said…
You've hit the nail on the head. When you love someone, they become your world and you become their world. You'll do anything and everything for them.
I think it's sad how so many marriages are given up on too soon, once the "high" of the honeymoon is over and the nitty-gritty of real life starts, they think the love is gone just because of a disagreement or two, some tiredness of one or the other who may be working too hard. Little things that could be worked out with simple communication.
Hollywood celebrities are a bad example, with their constant divorcing and remarrying; for them the grass is always greener in someone else's bed.
Davoh said…
Um, from many 'dis-appointments' in my life - consider that LOVE = NEED. Pragmatic, cynical, perhaps.

Depends on the definition of NEED. If nobody needs me - then am not loved.

Think about it. While yes, continue to 'love', and need, MYSELF .... would be nicer, and easier - if someone else 'needed' me.

On the other hand - i need, and love, everything that this planet provides.
Davoh said…
Pragmatic. LOVE=NEED.

No need, no LOVE.
Granny Annie said…
In every marriage the greatest expression of love is the honoring of commitment. Many of us know exactly what you are saying. God Bless.
Vest said…
EC > IT is eerily quiet here today, the friction starts again about 3pm. Oh and prodigal son made his first $50--00 repayment today, Surprise -surprise.
Vest said…
River . True about celeb's, but most of them hit the exit button sooner than the average joe due to their excesses. Thanks for your call.
Vest said…
Grannie Annie. Hello nice person. Thank you for your thoughts.
Vest said…
Davoh. It is nice to know that there are persons like your good self whom we are able to seek and receive comforting words of wisdom relating to matrimony and it's pit falls. I had little idea that love and togetherness had geometrical plus mathematical imputations Thank you all the same . You old Buzzard.
Jane, Stokes-Honour. said…
Aunty Rose Unc les,LOVE you all. Jane.xxxx
Andrew Bowyer. said…
NICE DAD, love Andrew.

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