Power Struggle within al-Qaida.

May 2, 2011

Osama bin Laden s death is a stunning victory for America and justice. But make no mistake about it: the war on militant Islamic terrorism will continue. Here are a few other implications of the remarkable intelligence and special forces raid (which included Navy SEALs)...


Anonymous said…
World United Bloggers Will be in deep mourning. yep ireckon the shit will hit the fan on W U B .com
Vest said…
Anon: just been to WUB nothing much happening at all. A yank singing his nut off is the latest post.
Otherwise sort of Quiet.
The calm before the storm perhaps?
Anonymous said…
Vest. Bit Quiet in Cairo. 5am must be still asleep and havent seen your comment, i cant get on as Anon.
Jimmy said…
killing Jesus didnt kill Xtianity
succession planning was done

same with Osama

it is not the end for terror strikes on America

u can bet your ass Cowboy
Good Night.. dont forget to say your Night prayers

GOD save America
Jimmy said…
... and GOD save the Queen too
Jimmy said…
Just hitting back is a futile exercise OBAMA

Dont be like that idiot BUSH

u must make amends for the hurt done to the Arab sentiments

by imposing a Jewish homeland on Arab territory

by Danish Cartoons ridiculing the Prophet

by flushing the Koran down the toilet

Muslims cant forgive
they cant forget so easy

as easy as Christians accepted Da Vinci Code

and the alleged affair of Jesus and Mary Magdalene

u will have to pay your bad Karma
just Confession of guilt is not enuff Yankees, Blokes, and Aussie mates

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