A Mouse in the House.

Friday 13th. May.
Blogger is down at this moment and has been for 36 hours. It has been a blessing in disguise...kept me on my feet and doing many things ignored of late.

It wasn't quite as chilly this morning as the past week when some areas of NSW had snow falls and constant southerly winds coming up from Antarctica. the temp in the garden was 5 deg C higher than indoors.

This morning we had a visitor..... haven't seen his rello's for a while, he or she was seen speeding into the top bathroom where I cornered it, but it eluded me and disappeared into my office where I am sitting now (The third bedroom). Too many places to hide. I brought up the M/traps from the garage and set four with 'Blue vein cheese as a bait which in the past always delivered a result. ( the bait can be heard as well as smelt from some distance) After my usual after lunch siesta ... a quiet period of approx two hours, I took a dekko in my office and discovered Mickey or was it Minnie had succumbed to the temptation of blue vein cheese. Shortly after a local Crow descended to the grass in our garden where it was placed minutes earlier and flew it off to the heavens... Just at this moment this moment my pc went nuts athe mainder of this post was lost then rewritten and lost again, Ah well nothing is perfect.
Will be busy tomorrow probably return on Tuesday to post, bye for now,....Vest.'
BTW, the traps are empty, must have been a single intruder.


Jimmy said…
yes I missed BLOGGER too

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