NSW Roads Minister Eric Roozendaal has a habit of using this sort of language, meaning name calling and referring to members of the opposition as 'Dick Heads', these frequent gaffes of his within parliament have now overflowed to the street, causing great embarrassment to the Premier Mr Iemma, or should we say Dilemma.
Mr doozy Roozendaal was caught illegally using a bus only lane so avoiding gridlocked traffic , while other motorists sweated in lengthy queues.
His ministerial car driven by a minder was caught on camera skipping past peak hour traffic on Old South Head road in Sydney which will cost the driver of his car $225 .00 and 3 demerit points( 12 demerit pts in one year, you say adios to your licence).
Mr Dickhead Roozendaal recently approved of a government slogan after the roads authority installed cameras in these bus and transit lanes "DONT GET BUSTED IN A BUS LANE".
Now to help things improve, our wise State Govt will now strangle the traffic flow even more by preventing garbage trucks from collecting commercial waste during night-times from inner city street areas, These include Potts Point, Elizabeth Bay, Surry Hills, Darlinghurst and East Sydney.
The affluent residents of these areas have been woken by noisy trucks and smashing glass, this scenario has been happening for years, now the residents will be afforded a better nights sleep. However, going to bed an hour earlier would be wise, so as to compensate for the earlier start required to get to the office due to those garbage trucks on the road creating chaos.


Anonymous said…
The new found silence will be disturbing to the long term residents..I can hear someone- crazed by the silence screaming- for gawds sake clang these lids together I cant sleep
Jeez, what a dickhead. :-P

His driving in the bus lane is small beans compared to our president's involvment in the CIA leak that, two years ago, he said he wasn't involved in. But that's another dickhead's story for another time. :-/

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