I am not too sure, possibly one is as important as the other.
I have been criticized by some for having more outgoing comment than that incoming, not exactly true in the sense of the word, as more incoming comments would be posted if it were not for the deletion proccess condemning the use of unseemly language.
But I feel in my case , it is more important and rewarding for me to listen to what other people have to say, which means you are in a constant state of learning, Isn't it more fun to read what other people have written than read your own writing which is pointless as you already know the content, although I suppose it would be selfish not share your opinions and little secrets.
In the past 12 months I have widened my horizens, and have learned how to praise and put down in a more sophisticated manner, I have not lost the knack of keeping cool in the face of adversity, and I am proud to say each and everyone I have met Blogging I have a deep respect for. "CARRY ON BLOGGING"


Hmm... reading someone's blog is different than learning from them. I know plenty of people who "pay lip service" so to speak, and don't say anything to avoid the discomfort of "differing views". I like when you comment on my blog - I can usually count on at least a few things: your honesty and the fact that you add your own brand of humor (which I don't always grasp). :-)
Beautifully said- much appreciated. Thanks for that.I'm enjoying your writing- glad to find you.
Vest said…
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Both are important, but I still feel I'm more a student than a teacher.

Thanks for the Tasmanian stuff. I'll include you on our postcard mailing list. We try to buy postcards of everywhere we go (that sells them).

You just put Tasmania on the list of places I have to go within the next five years. :)
tshsmom said…
I have more fun reading everybody else's ravings too!
Great post, Vest. I always enjoy the comments you leave on my site; their wit makes me smile when I need it most.
Anonymous said…
koovFR write more, thanks.

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