Water water every where but not in New South Wales Australia

This post is mainly for the benefit of non Australians who dwell over yonder pond on the Nth American continent.
It would seem that many of you people are distressed about the quality of your water, that which is delivered to you via the house hold tap(faucet). In that case your service reservoirs should cleanup their act, and yourselves employ the use of domestic water filters for final consumption and boil it for a further safe guard.
The only area of this State which does not have water restrictions starts from aprox 25 miles north from where I live, the remainder of us have been living with water restrictions for about 3 years, All of the Dam levels are down to between 18 to 35 per cent capcity due to lack of rainfall, although it did rain quite hard yesterday.
The quality of our water supply is good if you dont mind the occasional whiff of clorine and you are a dental freak who enjoys Aluminium Tailings(Fluoride).
Watering cans only allowed on certain days, NO hosing of lawns or gardens, unless you have a well or bore or rain tank supply.
Domestic car washing must be done by using a bucket(pail) only, which incidently wastes water more than conserves it.
Stricter measures will be taken soon if our rainfall does not improve.
B T W..The greater Sydney area houses 25 per cent of Australia's population, hard to believe isn't it.


Anonymous said…
next year we'll have Body Odour police-- if you dont chuck up its the lock up
Anonymous said…
Im the gay guy from melbourne, I was on your blog december when you gave me lots of grief, well as you are an english/aus you will know how to save water and soap at the same time youll have no trouble smelling of B O.
Anonymous said…
do you remember when i wrote lst time about shane warne and you let me have your thouhts on him, well your right ,he's a wanker now as a bowler and only got 3 tailenders outin the last test match, what do think of clarke the new bowler.
cant help you on your water problem i hope it gets better mr vest, thank you for reading my comment.
Vest said…
sinfullouis, I was issued a warning by the water authority that my household used too much water last year, I now shower daily and also if guests arrive.
BTW I have two beautiful g/ch who are staying with me with their Gay father; my son, who today gave money to a friend so that he could visit his mother 300 miles away by train, this gay idiot has just phoned informinig us he had been fined $600-00 for fare evasion and smoking on Sydney's Central Train Station!!!
Getting back to you sinfullouis, You sausage waffling bum bandit, if you ever comment here again you will be deleted.

Gordon. Dont ask me to bail you out.Me with BO!!! Indeed not.

Mark. I do remember you, It gave me much pleasure to hear you confirm my remarks about Warne'y.
Clarke the new bowler is not a permanent test prospect, he needs to learn how to bat as well as bowl. I will say again you appear to be a nice guy, and thanks for your comment. Please call again.
Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said…
Vest said…
Anonymous: You are'Incommunicado' you must try again.
Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Vest said…
Sinfullouis: Sorry mate, I have had enough, Shove off.You are deleted.
Peter said…
Hi vest, I thought I'd better come and have a look for who was sniping away at Queenslanders, and what do I find but a reformed Pom.
Vest said…
Peter(69)I usually ignore the cliche 'Pom' used by Bigoted redneck outback dwellers near the the black stump, who havn't the slightest idea what the title suggests, but in your case Peter 69, I shall reciprocate, 'How about' BLUDGERY-GALAH, seems to fit perfectly.
Anonymous said…
great title, bludgery galah, have you had it included in the dict yet vest?
Bludger== lazy useless layabout and Galah==a stupid pink and gray Parrot----rhymes with budgerigar,
--(usa parakeet)
Anonymous said…
Im a kiwi living in Orstrayer be nice to vest or ill send zed my mate up to you tosho to pluck your face fevvers when he comes out in 2 weeks i like your pics of flower strange a hairy arse like you likes flowers
Vest said…
Pleasantness....pleasantness, what is needed is more pleasantness not this blogger to blogger confrontation and personal nastiness cropping up all too often. My detractors have mentioned I also am guilty of delivering a serve of malice now and then, yes I will cop that one, I do it in order to retalliate and deter people who's sole intent is to use foul language and disruptive comment, so let's keep it tidy and pleasant.

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