Generally the Muslims are poorer being they have larger families than the Christians, and have fewer prospects of employment.
They have not assimilated in the same way as the Greeks and Italians have, Christian Lebanese have done so and are spread over a wide area, unlike their Muslim brothers who choose to cluster in a tight group, so as to protect their religious values.
Lebanese Muslim men tend to have lower levels of education, relatively high levels of unemployment and a high tendency not to be in paid work.
The unemployment figure for the first and second generation was 15 percent and 12 percent respectively, these figures are slightly more than twice the national average, although there has been a marked improvement, they are still not doing very well.
It would seem that employers are reluctant to employ persons who bring their religeon and traditions to the work place and in doing so disrupt the the smooth running of the business with demands of privileges not afforded to others, like prayer , toilet and dining , arrangements, this tends to enrage people who have higher skills and fewer perks. Employers see this as dragging the chain and slowing their enterprise. "Please come back when we are able to provide those facilities" should be the employers reply to their requests.


Anonymous said…
A muslim guy in Auburn a Sydney suburb Yesterday kicked a pregnant woman a knifed her partner with a flick knife.. Raad Hussein 31 faces 3 charges including GBH, Drug Possession and one unspecified charge. also there were four other shootings over the w/end where muslims were involved.
Anonymous said…
They should step out of their moslem enclave and start embracing the real Australia
Vest said…
dave izz. plus two Yugoslavs. a crime of passion we have been informed, Love certainly hurts.
He shot her and then 'Banzai' he blew himself away.
Anonymous said…
Im a barman at a large club near the enclaves of the leb moslem crowd..yeah mate there the arseholes of the world contrary to there beliefs they drink smoke fornicate swear flog drugs and are very hard to communicate to.. i wouldnt walk down there neighbourhood in daylight let alone at nightfall... there dead shit ignorantkeep there women locked away and barefoot an pregnant/ i would kiss a mangy robbers dog than play around with any of them.
Vest said…
Reading my fav/ tabloid the Syd/telegraph, I find a plethera of suggestians on how to deal with this problem which is increasing in momentum, three more shootings overnight and four stabbing reports. The problem the Fed and State Govt Authorities have is knowing how to deal with this festering ethnic problem without being castigated by looney do gooders, who are usually the same morons who cry foul when something similar happens in their backyards.
We could impose more far reaching laws to restrict the shortcomings of this sectarian group of mobsters, public boycott and sanctions for a starter. However,
The only real solution is to herd up the whole community and send them packing to whence they came.
Anonymous said…
"The only real solution is to herd up the whole community and send them packing to whence they came."

A final solution so to speak?
Anonymous said…
total wipeout of the whole stinking bunch..cure it at the source, I know.. Ive lived among these evil arseholes for years till I came to Aussieland.
Anonymous said…
Not all of these people are muslim hooligans as you suggest. some cant learn english very well and the cant get jobs and most of them dont like aussies anyhow. and we should give them more money to live on then rehebilate them so we can learnt to love them. and ther religeun
Vest said…
Usually it is the waxing of Mc Farlanes Lantern which brings out the goons and loonies from their hiding holes, recently this is not the case.

Peggy Dimmock, Your name say's it all. The delivery of your impassioned plea has fallen on deaf ears. Dear sweet Peggy, Missionary Extraordinaire. Should you have the pre requisite of intestinal fortitude to carry out these caring programns to assist these friends of yours I shall wish you luck.

Anyone for a bowl of Christian Stew
Vest said…
I have just recieved news that a very good friend of mine has been admitted to hospital and is in intensive care at the Royal North Shore Hospital in Sydney ( Australia) Harry my friend I have known since we were just boys serving on a huge battleship in the British Navy, eleven of us who served on this ship were to attend a BBQ at 'Harry's' tomorrow midday, I live a few mins away, the others travel a fair distance, some widows of ex shipmates attend too. unfortunately the Do at 'Harry's is cancelled. A friend of Harry's wife, Doris Howard will be staying over night with us tomorrow, Her husband JOHN HOWARD Deceased was also an ex shipmate.
Doris will test out our brand new bed. JOHN HOWARDS WIFE SLEPT HERE. not to be confused with that strange Prime Minister of ours.
Anonymous said…
I don't envy the Yanks and the road they have choosen, but God bless them for it and God bless their boys taking the fight to them.

God bless our boys and the Brits as well.
Vest said…
Good news, my good friend Harry is on the mend and will be returning to our local hospital soon.
Vest said…
Two more shootings plus one bank job and a stabbing in the news today, it is becoming commonplace and therefore boring to read about.
I'm wondering why you all liberalized your immigration laws. New Zealand's doing the same. Don't think it's a great idea.

Now, if I were an employer, I'd want 1) someone who did a fine job at work,
2) someone who didn't cause trouble.

So of course, I'd discriminate against someone who inconvenienced me. Can't blame the employer.

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