A young guy told this story to his girlfriend.

On the top shelf of the kitchen stood the cookie jar with its lid off.
One female and two male mice saw this and jumped in for a feed.
The lady of the house who was leaving for a few days seeing she had not replaced the lid, did so, Which trapped the mice. The female mouse began to worry, "How can we get out say's she".
"Dont worry darling" say's one of the male mice, "Y ou sleep with me tonight and I'll tell you in the morning".
The female mouse woke to find her lover gone (the dirty rat) and the other mouse grinning. " Whats so funny" say's she, " How did he get out".
"Sleep with me tonight and I will get you out in the morning" Say's the 2nd male mouse.
"Oh all right" say's she.
The next morning she woke to find she alone occupied the cookie jar, she was furious , but after a while she looked around the cookie jar and discovered how her lovers had got out.
At this point the young guy was asked by his girlfriend. "Well then lover boy, how did they get out of the cookie jar.
Her boy friend replied.
"Sleep with me tonight darling and I will tell you in the morning".

You could try this one fellers. Let me know the result, either a pleasant nights sleep or her Knee in your goolies.


Vest said…
Sorry Bridget, wrong answer, I'm afraid you will have to find out the hard way.

In any case how would the male mice put the lid back on after leaving?
Anonymous said…
Hi vesty old mate-- good post cant guess the answer-- please tell me vesty please
Vest said…
Gordon: Watch it feller, how dare you ask, I am not into that sort of thing. Well I never knew that, Gordon is a fruit and nuts fancier.
Anonymous said…
You sailors are all the same...long hair money and always fruity.. oooh!!
Vest said…
Dear Bridget: If you answer incorrectly any more I'll never get any rest at night.
Vest said…
Gordon check out Cyril, you may have a friend. Thats it folks, I am having a rest now before going out to the club (a Rock and Roll band tonight.
Vest said…
Despite the ave age of the club members dropping 50 per cent for last nights band performance,the crowd fluctuated between 3 and 10 between loo and bar visits in the auditorium designed to hold 450 persons. Three people were ejected for rowdy behaviour and I gave the tin pot heavy metal band a minus ten. I shall have words with our Ent/Manager, shortly.
Peter said…
5 out of 9 personal comment vest, are you sure you're getting enough coverage?
Vest said…
Peter my reply is on the WATER EVERY WHERE Post.

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